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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, I'm working on a pretty huge project right now for work and it may be a minute before I get back to my current KOTOR II projects. But promise I'll be back in the mix soon. Hang in there, guys.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. So, would I have to re-weight the offending meshes including the degenerate UV leg? Max seems touchy about collapsing these elements and retaining weights for some reason. If that's the case it should be no trouble. Just an extra thirty minutes or so to re-rig. Edit: I can also add the straps now. It seems people were against the variants idea which is cool. I may just make alternate outfits for stuff like the Zal Shey Armor at some point. Depends on your thoughts really. I appreciate all the help thusfar.
  3. The world is a better place because of people like you. So are you referring to the vert it looks like on the stage right leg on the side of the knee? Also with backface issues, I can do that right away. I just didn't know how far we were going with the geometry as I said in my initial post. And I guess I figured that while she's in motion it wouldn't be noticeable. But I can knock that out of the park asap. ^^Also, we can make this a comic book and call it canon. EZ. I do comic art stuff on the side sometimes. *wink*
  4. They are possibly too long. I assumed that wouldn't matter, as most modding tools I've used have just auto renamed meshes to whatever the parent is. But in the future, I will do that. Cutting corners for time is a bad habit anyway. I also didn't know about the UVW modifiers at all until I started using them for this project, so that's good to know. And as for scale, I didn't touch the scale at all. So if it is off I have no Idea how it got to be that way. I did use move on some of the bones to get them to fit a little more neatly on the geometry for bending and such but only by like a point or two. The whole development of this I tried really hard to keep the scale appropriate. Thanks for pointing those out and making those changes. You're the best. So is there any further editing I would need to do before moving on or are we in business?
  5. Here's the Max file.
  6. Hmmm. Even after parenting them to the Aurora base? That's strange. Is there a reason for that you can think of? I can also include the Max File if that helps.
  7. Parented the mesh to the Aurora base. And thanks for that tip. So from here I just need to change the 2DA file through KOTOR tools right?
  8. Ah. So just parent everything else in the scene to the base and it shoukd be good to go? And as for the head I figured from playing the game that were're looking at roughly less than thirty bones. Which by today's standards is nbd. And I think we're keeping the hood. Ill start accepting idea proposals on her face after the body's playable. I'll get that done asap. And let you guys know.
  9. Okay so I finally got the source to compile, I don't know in the end what exactly did it, but I re-extracted the files from KOTOR Tools (I found that I was having XML export issues so I just reinstalled before exporting.) And I created a sub folder for the files. Did the proper renaming. Also, just randomly did some housekeeping around my computer. (Doubt this helped. Though there were some XML and DLL errors) Just to cover all my bases, I also reinstalled the NWMAX scripts and exported from Max. The runtime warning persists, but it seems to still export to my designated folder. I'll include my files as a ZIP here just in case. So, after the compiling step, I do what again? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secondly, regarding the head, people say that it's much harder than the body and I'm wondering if that's just because of the rigging and lip synching or is there actually a more involved process and not just hyperbole?
  10. Well, ultimately I don't think we'll have too many conflicts on the end result as I'm not planning on getting rid of the hood idea. But similar to how Kreia does have hair underneath her hood, as well as the Handmaiden, I just figured it would be good to add those things. And maybe we could just reimagine the no eye sockets issue as more of a no eyes thing? I mean, that's plausible and fits with the lore. It doesn't fit with the canon design from the comics, but I don't know if those are canon anymore anyways. I'm totally willing to compromise and currently, I'm seeing a few options: 1.) Just do multiple textures so then that way everyone has an option to get what they want. 2.) Do a revised hybrid. (Eyeless instead of socketless) 3.) Cheat. Cover it up with hair, bandages, shadows, armor, etc. 4.) Just give the girl a helmet. Much easier than all the eyeball drama. 5.) Give her Gruntilda's Head from Banjo Kazooie.
  11. I'd hate to ask, but if you could just so we could move on I'd be eternally grateful. I'll still work on it. Maybe it's exclusively on my end. I have had a series of complications with Windows 10 not completing certain tasks but they're rare and it's hard to tell what's a Windows 10 issue and what's a software issue. But if I do find the solution I'll be sure to post it here. And as much as I love the sockets look, I would have a hard time making that look decent. Especially considering that she's a romance option. I think that that's one of the unholy trinity of features that makes something look truly inhuman in the negative sense. Maybe we can compromise, however, perhaps a regal cloth that goes around the eyes? Additionally if I were to edit an existing head mesh, it would likely end up looking more like: I do think the OV actress is fine, but I think I'm feeling inspired on this one. And hopefully, this isn't coming off as an Asian fetishization. But I see the Miraluka culture as something similar to Eastern Asian cultures (historically not contemporarily speaking). But as a more literal representation of the spiritual aspect of Eastern Asian Buddhist traditions. I also considered an Indian look but ultimately concluded that Asian just makes more sense. After this set is finished I'd open up a discussion on the rest of the ladies of the EbonHawk. (Except for Kreia. She's perfect.)
  12. Sorry guys, it appears that I'm at an impasse. After following all the directions you guys have shared, I still can't get passed the loading step. I don't know what's wrong. I even double checked permissions and ran everything as administrator. I'm sorry. This is equally frustrating for me as I'm sure it must be for you guys. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a Windows 10 issue. But I'm going to keep plugging away until I find a solution that works. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Double checked the file names, File paths and everything. Haha. I have no idea what I did wrong here. Haha
  14. Yeah. I had a separate folder set aside just for that purpose. Do you think if I re-extract with KOTOR Tools that would fix it?
  15. Yeah, I'm still having the same problem. Even after properly renaming. I'm wondering if I'm doing something else wrong or if my exported metadata is somehow making the load of the ASCII hang in MDLOps. But upon further inspection, it's hanging on every read and write. Is there an option that I screwed up? Someone also said to try a new head so this is the concept for it. It ended up coming out really European when I wanted more half Asian. :| I do like the messy bob although a more clean look would be easier to model. Sorry for the late update, I've been sick since Yesterday so I'm just working on this when I can. But I appreciate all the help. When I do figure this out, I'm going to throw you guys credit on the actual mod. You guys are the best.