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MOD:KotOR2 Improved AI

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KotOR2 Improved AI

Improves the AI of KotOR 2.

I know there are other Improved AI mods out there, but here is my version. Hope you guys are gonna like it.


- Enemy forceusers now use Saber Styles and Force Forms if they have one (unfortunately by default most NPCs don't have one)
- Enemy forceusers now use all force powers that they have (previously the AI ignored some force powers completely)
- Enemy forceusers now use force buffs more often (Force Speed, Force Armor ect...)
- NPCs with the Force Jump feat actually do force jumps if they are further than 10m from the target
- Enemys reactivate shields after 200s
- Some minor bug fixes
- Jedi Support AI reworked

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