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  1. Once again I'm trying to go for a low poly design that won't clash with the rest of the game. I know I already have another thread going, but I like to switch things up to avoid burning myself out on one project. The screenshot below is using placeholder textures and materials.
  2. Alright so at this point I've got four versions in different stages of completion. I realized I was probably going overboard with the first three, and that the width of the blades might not jive with all the weapon animations. So here's the latest model, with a simpler design and a blade which is about the same width as that of the standard vibro double-blade.
  3. Thank you! I'm planning on releasing a version for both games, BUT wikis say that the sith war sword isn't normally obtainable in K1? I can't seem to find any mods which add it to drops and vendor lists, but I might just do it myself when the time comes.
  4. I've always been a little bothered by the sith war sword being a reskinned version of the vibro double-blade, so I'm working on an alternate model for it. :: UPDATE :: 11/22/2020 Still working on this, I've been getting sidetracked with other projects.
  5. The title. A mod which makes it so you have no force powers, no FP, or force related feats except for the passive ones which don't provide stat or combat bonuses. You start off as one of the other classes (soldier, scout or rogue), and rather than having prestige classes, the extra feats from each are included by default with the same prerequisites they would normally have. A lack of meaningful build feats past a certain point is already an issue in K2, so it doesn't hurt to throw them all in and let players pick what they want while leveling up normally. Alternatively, this could be implemented using reimagined non-jedi/sith prestige classes. I'll probably end up trying to do this myself at some point, though the scope is pretty big since it means altering dialogue options throughout the whole game and pruning other features. "Why would you not want to play a jedi in a star wars game?" you may ask, and the answer is that it makes the game more challenging, and more immersive for people who want to rp a non-force sensitive.
  6. Under-powered Melee Weapons I'd add to this that the game is somewhat balanced around players using lightsabers and force powers. As a result melee weapons are under-powered, and require really power-gamey heavy armor strength characters to be near effective in late game. This is most likely why they gave Hanharr his racial ability which allows him to double his attacks. While it makes sense that basic swords/blades should be weak compared to lightsabers, I'd suggest... Allowing all three upgrade slots for all melee weapons, except for stunsticks and others which don't have blades, extended hafts or which aren't really weapons. This comes with a categorization issue, since some upgrades would add slashing damage where it doesn't make sense, but non-bladed two-hand weapons (e.g force pikes) should have their own upgrades. Giving unique weapons a damage buff, adding more unique weapons, and adding more intermediate weapon variants. Force Powers Remove force heal. (optional, but it's mainly there for cheesing fights and bypassing health packs / regen) Force lightning needs a serious debuff. Third level force lightning shouldn't be able to clear entire rooms. At best it should have cone target selection like the 2nd level version (with a slightly wider cone), it should target maybe 4 or 5 enemies max, and the FP cost needs to be increased. ^ At max dark side alignment, you can practically use this ability as much as you want against groups. Lightsabers Stronger lightsaber crystals need to be drawn back a bit. Remove character crystal. Seriously, it only exists to give you a massive stat boost which gets better as you level up.
  7. I don't want to do anything major, but I was pretty disappointed by how small Korriban was as a level/planet. I'd like to recreate one or two of the sith lord tombs from K1, and add a few items to reward the player for working through them. I'm a game dev and have no problem with models, scripts and such, but I haven't yet worked with the mod tools (I'm going to experiment with them on my next days off). Before I go to the trouble of trying to accomplish something that might not be possible in K2, can we remove / change collisions in areas, add transition points leading to new areas, and populate them with enemies, lootables, etc? Thanks! :: UPDATE :: I've been putting more thought into it, so here's a tentative rundown of features. Once there's actual work done I'll made a WIP thread. Door leading to Sith academy will be closed and locked upon first arriving on Korriban. New area in Valley of the Dark Lords - Tomb of Tulak Hord. Occupied by Tuk'ata, Sith Assassins, and a kotor lore friendly boss. Player must find a sith medallion to open the door to the sith academy. Player can find a sith holocron in a chamber previously hidden by a (now collapsed) wall. + Dark side alignment if the player chooses to study it's contents. +2 attack with melee weapons. Items Tulak Hord's Mask (+4 stealth, +2 dex, restricted to dark side) - new model Sith Assassin Blade (+1 attack, +2 dark side damage) - new model Sith Crescent (balanced, +1 defense, +2 dark side damage) - new model Sith Assassin Wraps (light armor, +1 defense, +1 dex, +2 stealth, allows force powers)