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  1. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone knew the filename of the low resolution building/backdrop on telos (far back in picture), I have tried searching my override folder and opened multiple TGA and TPC files but I have yet to locate it. I’d like to delete these low res files so if anyone has info please let me know.
  2. Hello, I was curious to know if anyone had this mod (dantooine enhanced foliage) I've searched for it but I can only find it on nexus mods and the problem with that is my connection always gets failed network and times out using their website, unlike when I download from deadlystream,moddb,gamefront etc. so if anyone does have it and if it is possible for you to send it to me I’d appreciate it!
  3. From what I know they are compatible Aliens redetailed (basic install) only mods eyes and few other details, there’s some optional mods in the TSLpatcher that I did not install , Gammoreans Are not in the base changelog. Angelus6 texture pack does mod gammoreans
  4. I don’t have a string of the links but here’s a list of mods in play. Almost all were downloaded from deadlystream or nexus only a a few from gamefront TSLRCM 1.8.5 KOTOR 2 community patch V1.5 Unofficial TSLRCM tweak pack Ultimate sound mod invisible headgear for TSL Thinner hud elements TSL camera overhaul 90 FOV Hide weapons in animations Realistic visual effects K2 improved gameplay mod V2.5 Thematic Sith Lords Curse of the Sith Korriban expansion Tomb of Azgath N’Dul (patched and ini fix) Coruscant Jedi temple Coruscant realistic skybox JC’s republic soldier fix for K2 V1.1 Thorium charge mod TSL Malak mouth fix V1.1 TSL head model fix TSL fixes hologram models and admiralty redux V1.6 (with patch) Kreia fall in game V1.1 Movement animation fix Dantooine retexture by angelus6 Korriban retexture by angelus6 Dxun high resolution Ebon Hawk OTE realistic Nar Shadaa sky box HD Nar Shadaa by oriionz updated by daemon Malachor 2013 Onderon alternative Peragus OTE Ravager 2012 TSL origins harbinger overhaul TSL origins telos overhaul Improved Peragus Asteroid field More vibrant skies TSL HD cockpits skyboxes TSL backdrop improvements Panel overhaul mass effect edition Angelus6 texture pack creatures and NPC Darth Sapiens Nihilus Darth sapiens HD 2K visas marr Effixians Bao-Dur Reskin Handmainden higher detail retexture HD astormech upscale HD go-to upscale HD Kreia upscale New Sith soldiers Nubian talia Pretty atris V2 Protocol droids by Vurt Rusted gunmetal HK-47 Sion retexture Sparkling mira TSL twilek heads V1.3 Vrook HD international global mod TSL player head TOR Sith Atton as a devaronian DS hanharrs Jedi training JC’s handmaiden sisters V2.0 Rescaled trandoshans TSL luxa fix by redrob41 Movie mandalorians V4.2 Movie mandalorians retextured HK 50 and HK 51 Reskin by spacealex Disciple improved Aliens re-detailed (basic install) Quaterstaffs by deadman Sabers for siths Default hilt replacement megapack 8.1 Lightsaber on Peragus Ice eclipse textures Frumpless better male bodies Improved exiles armband K2 armor fix + by 90SK Total weapon overhaul all 3 blaster packs TSL Jedi items + V4.0
  5. Hello, I’m not sure which forum to ask this question in but I am having a transparency issue with the gammorean guards I was wondering if someone knew the cause of the issue and or a solution. I’m thinking perhaps re overide gammoreans or its 2 conflicting textures and I need to delete 1. Any help is appreciated!
  6. I’ve managed to get all other panels to work and the workbench screen but the workbench itself is a glitchy/static box, If someone has an idea or answer to my problem please let me know. I have resolved my issues.