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  1. On 2/22/2021 at 6:06 AM, Obi Wan Pere said:

    Glad you like it!! Thanks!!

    I haven't installed TSL now and I can't check it. As it's just image files accompanied with its corresponding .txi files for the animation I think it should work but I cannot asure it. I've seen other graphic MODs that work with both KotORs.

    From here I can just elucubrate about that both games be using the same texture image and use the same file names for the same objects and it'd be a long story. About names you could simply rename them but if are used different texture images, e.g., you could find that the eyes of a NPC are placed in its knees... :eek:

    Anyway, I can asure that I haven't placed an autodestruction device if the KotOR version is not correct, so you always can use these files in K2 and tell us the result. I'm very sorry not be more helpful now. :(

    (Btw, my "humor sense", that has its own life, although for different reasons, also apologizes...)

    I tried a few of the textures in kotor 2 and it works. For example I have the floor computer terminal in both my kotor games. Everything I tested worked in both games but I didn’t try every single part of your mod. I try to keep both games textures similar for continuity.

    Short answer is this mod works in both games and most of the file names for these objects are the same in both games so you don’t have to change the names.

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  2. Darth Bastila Sith Eyes

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    1 hour ago, Dark Hope said:

    Good day. It was necessary to pack it into an archive.

    Appreciate it! I certainly will in the future!

    Mod uploaded properly. Bright Blue Eyes skin added. Thanks for the help, Dark Hope!

  3. Darth Bastila Sith Eyes

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    I am not sure why it showed up as 3 different files. Should I have compressed my mod folder first? anyway, mod should still work. I would appreciate if someone told me how to upload the mod correctly, however.

  4. TSL Restored Content Mod

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    Yup that’s the problem. Thanks for the help. Do you know which files did it? Ill take a look.

    On 1/27/2021 at 12:31 PM, Obi Wan Pere said:

    In my last Playthrough I had the same problem and it  was provoked -at least in my case- by a MOD called 'Restored equipment for HK-47 GO-TO - TSL 1.1.0', installed while I was still in Peragus.


    On 1/27/2021 at 2:29 AM, N-DReW25 said:

    What mods do you have installed?

    I think it is the mod mentioned above causing the problem. I will try to fix it. I appreciate the help.

    Taking that mod out fixed my game.

  5. TSL Restored Content Mod

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    When I go to fight the HK-50's they won't attack me and i cannot talk to them. I can't talk to the HK-50 on Peragus either. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

  6. Love it. I have a request. Is there anyway you could put it in the game so I don't have to use cheats? I just prefer not to use cheats, but want my Bastila to have this hairstyle. One idea for a place you could put it is in the medical supply container in the upper city taris cantina where you duel. If you put a few medpacks in there with this hair we would loose nothing. I wish I knew how to do it myself.

  7. HD Kreia Upscale

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    On 10/18/2019 at 10:20 PM, tjsase said:

    Just uploaded a re-compressed version, lemme know if it works for you!

    Just saw this! Thanks. Worked with winrar this time!

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  8. HD Kreia Upscale

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    Something is wrong. I can't get the file to open correctly. Can't read the readme. When I try to extract the file it just says evilkreia or something like that. Can you reupload this mod in a different format? It's corrupt somehow. Looks good tho, I want to use the dark side part.


    Extraction Seems to have worked when I used 7-Zip, just not winrar which I normally use. Odd, but good enough I suppose. About to try it in Game.

    Dark Side version works! I love it. Been waiting for a mod like this. Now all my sith lords are HD. I used a different reskin for normal kreia, but I'm sure the quality is good on that one as well. 10/10

  9. TSL Backdrop Improvements

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    53 minutes ago, Kexikus said:

    851nih and 852nih are not related to that, no.

    Try redownloading the mod and reinstalling it and make sure that you replace all files when asked to do so. I sadly can't remember what caused the black square but it really should go away if the latest version is properly installed. If that doesn't work you can always delete all files starting with 151har from your Override. That will revert all changes I made to the harbinger level but that might be preferrable to the black square.

    Thank you for the info I will try both!

    Tried both, didn't work, but I should clarify my problem is on the tutorial not the harbinger so I suppose I need to know what files edit that backdrop when you get a chance.

  10. TSL Backdrop Improvements

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    On 7/26/2017 at 5:11 AM, Kexikus said:

    151HARs.mdl and 151HARs.mdx. Also keep in mind that if you updated from 1.0 to any other version at some point, you'll want to delete 851nih.are und 852nih.are as those are no longer in the mod.

    I'm trying my hardest to get the black square to go away but I can't figure out how. /: Love the mod tho. Any help is appreciated! Do 851nih and 852nih effect the black square around peragus? Idk why it's there because I have the most recent version of the mod. I also have KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD so maybe that's where 851nih and 852nih come in?


    I do have trenchs mod & all the mods you recommend in the description installed btw. Idk what the problem is. I've looked through the forums and see that version 1.4 fixed this problem and I have had a previous version of the game where it worked (no black box) but I've been trying to fix this for a couple hours now with no luck.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Sith Holocron said:

    Just a note - don't use the menu pictures as the save-game pictures are saved from that last save.  You need to rely on in the room shots not the menu. 

    Noted, thanks! I did that. There was no change, Idk what files it could be. I'm using most of your monitor mods tho as well. Could it be LEH_scre03 or something? The only thing taking LEH_scre01 & LEH_scre02 (tga & txi) out did was make the ebon hawk not animated anymore, so sorry but I may have the wrong mod in mind that caused the issue. If I knew what files affected that part of the computers I could probably fix it. I'm not near as knowegable about these things as you. I can post more pictures if need be but it looks the same as before expect the ebon hawk is back to being basic.


  12. 7 hours ago, Sith Holocron said:

    @Cytaris: Please post a few "before and after" pictures of this taking place on places outside of the EH cockpit (i.e. showing the monitors both with the mod and then with the textures removed from your Override folder). 

    I tired to take it out but it is unaffected. Ebon hawk works perfectly like your mod should. I have Peragus computer mods too so that could be the cause. I'm at a loss, I cannot get them back to how they should be. Here are some poorly taken screenshots. The load menu shows how it should look, the galaxy map on ebon hawk is perfect. Problem with the telos academy keyboards & small monitors & m478 keyboards. It shows up other places too. It could be peragus monitor mods, or ebon hawk or i just don't know. If I knew a mod that reskined the keyboards I'd just put that over it, or if I knew which files to take out I would do that. I have no idea how to fix this. btw they are animated, as in, they move, I just can't capture that in the screenshot. I appreciate the quick reply & you being willing to help me! thanks!


    probelm 3.jpg

    problem 1.jpg

    problem 4.jpg




  13. This is what my playthrough was missing, always thought Carth should be in an Admiral uniform. The Holograms are a huge bonus. I am using a heavily modded version of kotor II that includes the latest versions of The Restoration Project as well as M4-78, Coruscant Jedi temple, Extended Enclave and about 100 other smaller tweaks. I realize this is a lot but my game was working great believe it or not. Was hesitant to install this mod as it changes a lot. Hopefully everything will still be fine. I will report any problems if there are any. I'm using a massive amount of mods but still keep that vanilla feel with bonuses. If there are problems I would blame myself. Hopefully not tho! Thanks for the amazing work!

    Only problem I have that I couldn't fix is that the holograms now show up as fully colored people, like the person stated above. They appear to be flesh colored rather than blue. Before this mod they were blue & transparent. Will look for a fix. I don't really understand what you are saying about GPU as I simply do not know what that is. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Update: Tried to uninstall mod but did something wrong. Game seems to run fine, just cannot get the holograms to turn back into holograms which is frustrating. Would love if you could help me with this.

    Update 2: Been trying to fix for a while. I am not near as skilled at modding as some. I have come to a dire conclusion.

    My options are to deal with the holograms no longer being holograms or to reinstall the entire game and all my mods & all my personal fixes (would likely take days). My only other option is for someone who is more skilled at this than I am to help me. The holograms looking like real people really takes away from the immersion... PLEASE HELP. Your work is great & I think if I had a better graphics card it would all work fine but unfortunately I cannot use this mod, could you please help me make the holograms look like holograms? I'm not sure how. For context the droids on Peragus shields never show up on this computer & the force sight power has never worked but before I downloaded this mod holograms were blue & transparent. Also this is my own fault obviously but if anyone could help that would be awesome.


    Edit: I think the problem was my graphics card, not this mods fault.

  14. Sabers of the Old Republic

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    Ever heard of weapons of the old republic? It's similar to this, but a bit buggy with kotor restoration. I looked forever for the patches to it so that I could make it work better. I found the patches & have them if you want them. Now the mod works a lot better except Calo Nords Blasters never become lootable and jolees lightsaber never shows up in your inventory. A few other things don't happen but you get better lightsabers for Bastila & blasters for carth & so much more, the things that don't work seem to just resort to vanilla, except the sith lightsaber on korriban sadly looses its name. I think with an unmodded game it would work well but I prefer my modded game. I realize this is kind of unrelated & It may be of no help to you but combining this mod & that mod would be kinda cool I think. The modder who made Weapons of the old republic back in the day dropped off the face of the earth so I imagine if you wanted to incorporate his mod into your mod it could be a really large really cool lightsaber & blaster mod. Just an Idea. I have yet to try your mod out as Idk if it would conflict with mine, but if you want the files to mess around with let me know. I'm not a great modder but I know a little bit & could help a bit if you did want to create a hybrid mod of this mod & weapons of the old republic.

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