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  1. Have you had any questions about the mod that you'd love answered? Sure I'll shoot. 1: Are the main contributors to the mod happy with how it turned out? Additionally, what are all your reactions to the wildly varying opinions of the mod? 2: Plans for 1.6 or is 1.5 the end product? 3: Anything that got cut/changed from the original mod plans that we don't know about?
  2. Time for the semi-annual bump and request for progress updates.
  3. I think it would be beneficial to make them available, yes.
  4. It really depends how you'd want to handle it. In theory you could just plop your ship right in front of her hidey-hole and be done in three minutes flat, but what's the point of that? In the interest of not making M4 feel like a waste of time and assets in this scenario, this is how I would propose it: -Ditch the radiation issue entirely -Keep the industrial zone and all assorted quests to get to the archon *in* but make them optional and give a different reward for reaching it. Bonus to FP, bonus to computers, a unique upgrade component, etc. This is mostly just in the interest of not wasting assets. Disregarding that angle, the industrial zone could get ditched entirely. -Keep Kaah and the whole ordeal in the environmental zone. This is so that there's still some sort of story flow and sense of danger on this planet. Otherwise we'd have a friendly hallway to walk through for one conversation as the entirety of content. -Have Vash give you four power cores, and just ditch the puzzle associated with them altogether.
  5. This is correct. The compatibility patch lies within the EE mod itself. There isn't a standalone patch floating around anywhere. Sorry if I phrased that all weird. I certainly think it does. @danil-ch do you think this could be something that is doable? The patch worked fine with M4-78 1.2 but that's the latest version I got to work. And I looked for you. It still lists TSLRCM version 1.8.3.
  6. There's a compatibility patch for EE and M4 but in my experience it hasn't been working since 1.8.3/M4 1.3. I wouldn't hold your breath on that honestly.
  7. Disclaimer: Haven't run through M4-78EP in about 9 or so months. Other disclaimer: I like this mod so all my bitching comes from a place of love. I played both 1.2 and 1.3. Two times I ran through 1.2 and only once for 1.3. The reason I've only played 1.3 one time is a fantastic lead in to my number one complain with the mod: -Extended Enclave does not work with it. Understandably it's rather unorthodox that my biggest issue with M4-78EP isn't with the mod itself, but with incompatibility surrounding it. Here's the thing with me: Incompatibility issues are my number one turn off when it comes to mods, it's why I've yet to even bother trying the genoharadan restored mod. Now, EE takes what's essentially the most impactful and well written scene in the game and makes it even better. What I'm saying is that I'm not going to trade EE for M4 even though it's a whole planet. There is a compatibility patch that makes M4-78EP play nice with EE and it works perfectly with 1.2, but not with 1.3, even after I went through the trouble of manually moving files around to "un-steam-workshop" it. Nine more complaints in no particular order: -Voice acting still isn't great (to put it politely), though it's miles and miles ahead of 1.2. I'm not expecting any new voice acting for whenever I get around to trying 1.5. (I'm likely going to wait until the Korriban Expansion mod sees the light of day before my next playthrough so maybe I'll see a surprise or two) I'll still hold out the ghost of a chance hope that somebody will make a "beep and boop" companion mod that replaces some of the more generally agreed "not that great" voice actors with droid noises. -In 1.3 specifically I somehow got the Assassination Protocols for HK-47 from a random drop at some point in the game before M4-78 and it prevented the quest that results in acquiring it from triggering entirely. Kind of a critical bug that slipped by somehow. -So, this complaint is about the aforementioned Assassination Protocol acquisition quest. The whole thing revolves around a handful of security droids talking to each other when you get to the confrontation part of the quest. As they all use the same voice actor using the exact same infliction for all his lines, it just comes off like a guy talking to himself, and I find myself losing track of what droids are "good" and which one is the "bad one" as he doesn't even look different. That quest is just a mess. Granted this could have been fixed in 1.3 as I didn't get the privilege of being able to play it in the first place in that version. -The black market droid that sells you droid parts starting at 10k credits, going down by 1k after each purchase, is really badly implanted. He only seems to sell... uninteresting shit mostly? Nothing special, just droid parts that can be found anywhere. It's seriously not worth the investment. Also his prices reset if you leave the conversation, which is pretty annoying as well. He just needs to go honestly. -Lt. Grenn's voice splicing for his new lines is absolutely abysmal. I specifically go out of my way to avoid giving fuel to Telos from M4 just so I don't have to listen to that auditory abortion. (What I'm also saying is that I didn't hear him in 1.3 so this could have been fixed I suppose) -Having the giant environmental droid (I think it's an environmental droid at least) as the most difficult "boss" of the area is just really dumb. It's not even an interesting fight as it's mostly just a damage sponge. -The "new" party dialogue when you first land on the planet, bad (not as bad as Lt. Grenn) voice splicing aside, is just really unnatural and awkward. The lines your party say just come off as forced and redundant. Thankfully that's the only time we need to deal with it, but it kind of makes me wonder why even bother with it. If you're going to put in a meager thirty seconds of spliced voice acting, then it should be good. If it's not good then don't even put it in as it's going to make the product weaker as a whole. All in all a bad first impression when you land on the planet. I guess it's "fixed" in 1.5 but I haven't played it yet, so I can't give my two cents on it. -Droids that are involved in quests should have had more specific names. There is nothing less interesting than having to go find an NPC with a name that's two random letters and numbers. Sure it makes sense in universe and in context, but it's annoying to deal with as a player. -Having an entire large area of the planet (Environmental Zone) function as one long running firefight is just not fun. It's uninteresting and feels like padding.
  8. So what I'm understanding here is that we're still not getting that fabled 1.4 release. (Also I am very happy and excited for this)
  9. Lip syncing is extremely important for immersion to me personally. Not that I have the resources myself, but I'm just throwing my weight in to draw attention to this case of missing tools.
  10. I would just make the video with the current state of M4-78 EP It would be a worthwhile video regardless of whether or not 1.4 ever gets released as there's a pretty rich history of feedback and development on this version. Drama too probably but I tend not to keep tabs on that so who knows. Also there's the lingering hope that pushing out the video might light a fire under somebody's ass to get 1.3 over here on DS or 1.4 out anywhere period so attention getting drawn to M4EP might just pay off.