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  1. 14 hours ago, iFoRias said:

    Just logged in to say this mod was a great idea and i and many others would be grateful if someone could finish it.

    I'd tell you that bumping threads is poorly looked upon but lately the site has been, let's say, a bit too quiet so whatever.

    As for the mod, I haven't really followed the development closely. After a a quick read-through, I guess could pick up the last files that were shared in the thread and finish the mod myself. However, @defreili hasn't been around since April and I would hate to cut the ground from under his feet should he come back at somepoint to finish it.

  2. I'll add a few notes to DP's already fairly comprehensive answer.

    6 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

    What files should be present in archive with, for example, sword model?

    Apart from the 3d model itself, you're going to need a texture, but just one. Modern game assets use a variety of texture images, all serving a different purpose: diffuse, ambient occlusion, normal maps, roughness map, metalness map, etc. For good ol' KoTOR, you'll only be interested in the diffuse map (also often called "albedo" or "base color"). KoTOR does support normal maps/bump maps, but honestly I've never been able to see the difference in-game, so don't bother with those.

    6 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

    Perhaps fan-models from certain games (JKA, Battlefront 2 (2005), etc.) are more preferable than random models from the Internet?

    While there's a lot of cool stuff that has been done in their respective modding communities, remember to ask for permission to the mods' original authors before starting to port stuff. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to post your port mod here, nor to ask for assistance in the process should you need it. In my experience, provided the authors haven't gone AWOL, they'll generally agree to it as long you as you give them proper credit for the assets.

    6 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

    2. What tools do I need to open the 3d model and port it into TSL?

    Just want to add that, once you've done all the prep work in your 3D software, you'll want to use MDLEdit to convert the .ascii files (created by KOTORMax/KOTORBlender) into KoTOR's preferred file format (.mdl/.mdx).

    6 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

    3. The process of porting weapon model. Do you know any instructions or tutorials? What needs to be adjusted after converting a weapon model?

    Yep! I remembered a couple of old tutorials on Youtube showing how to import new weapons in Kotor. They both use NWMax and MDLOps, so remember to use KOTORMax/KOTORBlender and MDLEdit instead.

    Custom Models in Star Wars: KOTOR 1 & 2

    KotOR1 Modding Tut Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    These should help you kickstart your project.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Crazy34 said:

    I my weights look a little  different, but the problem is not the transition from necklwr_g to neck_g but more the next transition from neck_g to head_g. I will play around with the weights for a little longer. @Stormie97 If this fails, could I maybe ask you to take a look at the weights?

    Thx and stay safe!

    It's definitely finicky. I'd gladly take a look at it if needed, you can send me the file by PM.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Crazy34 said:

    I was trying to fix especially the neck_g weighting

    The lowest loop of vertices that connect the head to the body need a weighting of 1 with respect to the necklwr_g bone. The second row of vertices from the bottom will then blend the weight of necklwr_g with neck_g (I just do 0.5/0.5) and then the third loop can finish the blending by applying a weight of around 0.1 - 0.2 for necklwr_g. So it seems you need to play around with the blending a bit. Adding an additional loop at that area can help as well.

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  5. While less fancy, I'd just assign the head to a companion, either via KSE, editing appearance.2da or creating a disguise item, and go through conversation options with them. Generally when something is wrong with your weights it's quickly noticeable. Granted, you won't really get any extreme animations to test your skinning, but player heads rarely move much anyway.

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  6. 3 hours ago, JediKing94 said:

    my mod would look like a baby trying to draw for the first time

    Eh, I remember that one of the first posts on this site was to request someone to port a model of ROTJ Luke Skywalker that was posted on That request wasn’t answered so I decided to go ahead and give it a try with zero knowledge of 3D.

    After multiple failed attempts, I eventually succeeded and proudly released my first mod ever. In doing so I discovered a passion for 3D and made it one of my favourite hobbies. I made a huge amount of progress in those last two years or so. Granted I release something only whenever a unicorn gets sacrified, but that’s because I keep improving my workflow and technique and so previous projects become outdated. Anyhow I’ll always encourage people to have a go at it and I’d gladly point whoever asks towards some useful free resources that helped me learn 3D art from scratch.

    As for your request, I didn’t answer yet because I want to commit to finishing my current Duros overhaul mod (not forgetting all my RL responsibilities). Even then, I don’t want to make any promises or commitments, but if the mood strikes me, I’m leaving the door open to it.

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  7. 11 hours ago, Pwener said:

     I've eliminated a lot of instances where Revan is able to say dumb nonsense that would be out of character for him/her

    Just for that I'm very much looking forward to this! Often times the dialogue options feel straight out of a Fallout New Vegas with low Intelligence playthrough

  8. Absolutely!

    First, you'll want to UV unwrap the head. I recommend watching this tutorial, it is for Blender but the underlying principles will apply for any 3D software.

    Once you have your UV layout nice and flat, you can start the texturing process. There are a few ways to go about this. You can either use real photographs of human faces and manipulate them to fit your UV layout. It's the kind of process that was used a lot for low-poly models from older generations of video games. You can also paint the textures by hand, which is my preferred way. It's not as daunting as it sounds, but I do recommend some sort of graphics tablet to make your life easier. I heavily recommend Substance Painter for this part, you can get it with a 30-days trial here. This software allows you to drag and drop pre-made materials and blend them together using masks. There are a lot of nice tutorials on Youtube for that. For 100% hand-painted textures, 3D-Coat is a nice alternative.

    I also recommend making a high-poly version of your model even if it's just the low-poly subdivided a few times, as long as it has the same proportions as the low-poly one. The high-poly will allow you to bake mesh maps such as the normal map, AO map, curvature map, etc. directly in Substance. KoTOR only uses diffuse maps (and technically normal maps, too) but you'll be able to overlay the details of the mesh maps on top of your layers in Substance. Alternatively, I've been playing around with SoMuchDiffuse, which is a plug-in material for Substance painter that directly integrates the detail from the mesh maps in a colour map, perfect for games like KoTOR or Dota, which it was developed for. It's not free however, but it only goes for USD25.


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  9. Well basically when you take the bones together, they form a skeleton. A skeleton is then a set of primitive 3d objects, which are then animated. It's done that way because animating the models themselves would be tedious and you'd have to repeat the same steps for each model. Whereas by animating a common rig (skeleton), you can just fit your models around it and have them follow the movements of the rig.

    KoTOR is no exception. If comes with a couple limitations, for instance each mesh has a maximum bones limit of 16. If you take a look at the vanilla models, you'll notice that they are generally seperated in 3 parts: Left arm, Torso, Right arm. That's because of the 16 bones per mesh limit. So generally I'd advise you to split your models in a similar fashion. Second limit is four 4 bones weights per vertices ; in other words, any single vertex can't be influenced by more than 4 bones. Honestly this is a non-issue, at least for body and head models. Most of the time you'll be weighting your vertices with respect to 2 bones, sometimes 3 at max. But it's important to know.

    With that being said, if you acquire a 3d model online and it comes with it's own rig, I think it probably won't work within KoTOR, input from other modders in needed here. If that's the case you'd simply have to get rid of the skeleton it came with and rig the model with the KoTOR skeleton instead. It's not the most exciting part of bringing new models into the game, but it's necessary nonetheless. As I said, need confirmation from other modders on this.

  10. The engine can handle many more polys than the vanilla model do have. @DarthParametric knows the actual facts and figures better than I do. No idea about textures sizes, but generally you can get very good results using 2K textures, or even by downsampling to 1K. Depends on the size of the model I'd say.

    Recently Koru has shown some progress they've made on improving head models, it's looks really good. Personally I've been looking into remaking high-quality some body models but I'm not yet ready to show what I've come up with.

    Regarding taking models available online: well it depends. If you're looking at a particular model, you have to figure out: where does it come from? Has it been ripped from another game without specific consent of the game's studio? Or did an artist make it and publish it onlline? Is it available for sale or do you plan to rip from a platform like, let's say, Sketchfab? If it's available for sale, what's the user agreement that comes with it? Would the author agree to have it ported to KoTOR as a mod? If none of those apply, was the model published as a free resource?

  11. 22 hours ago, FiendishlyInventive said:

    Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I wish all the superb new heads might go to diversifying the NPCs across K1 and K2, instead of being yet another potential option for the PC. 

    Well my work on the Leia head model hasn't seen much progress tbh. As for Ahsoka, I don't see her replace a particular NPC as it stands, however I might release the head model as a modder's resource if others are interested in replacing some NPCs with Togrutas.

    15 minutes ago, Natural Law said:

    Like a mix between Juno Eclipse and Sniper Wolf.

    Good eye. I did use those as reference while I was crafting that thing.

  12. On 8/19/2020 at 11:07 PM, Koru said:

    edit: 2nd pass on her head model, adjusted a lot of things and corrected eyelids.

    I think her likeness is pretty spot on. Her eyes have a lighter hue in the vanilla textures. Also her eyebrows normally have that stern, authoritarian and arrogant look to them. Other than that she looks fantastic!

  13. This one I've personally already done a while ago.

    These pieces are from artist Ryunaa on Tumblr, whom I already contacted a while ago to ask if it's okay that I create a new robes model based on her sketches. The model is finished, I just need to finish the textures. But I just keep getting carried away with new stuff, so I've got a bunch on my plate already at the moment.



    A few months ago I've also contacted Plasma et PreFXDesign on JKHub to port their Lobster Soldier models (armor + weapons) from The Last Jedi. I've pretty much ported everything already, I just need to figure out a few things, including how to create new enemies that'd wear that stuff and place them around in K2.


    Warning: when I took those screenshots, the skinning on the body model was half-assed just for testing purposes. It's been redone properly since.



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  14. Thank you. Yes I'm aware of it. It's not really a bug since everything is working as intended, it's just that the robes weren't designed with Togrutas in mind so the main lekku in the back ends up clipping with the hood. Anyway, I think I'll just have to include modified robe models in the final mod that would have flattened out hoods. They'll just replace the ones used by this head's appearance line, so other playable heads and NPCs will still have the regular robes. Seems like the simplest way to get rid of the problem.

    46 minutes ago, LoneWanderer said:

    It will probably suit a martial art character focused on hand-to-hand combat

    Well, doesn't that remind you of a certain companion? 😉

  15. Haven't posted here for a while, time for an update.

    Regarding my Ahsoka Tano mod I've posted about a few months ago, progress is good. The head is complete and working well in-game. I've also worked on her outfit of the S7 finale. While it is well under way, I need to finish painting the textures before moving on to skinning the model.



    Since the oufit seems to bear Mandalorian patterns, I think I'll make the outfit available in-game (probably technically working as a disguise) as a reward for completing the hand-to-hand combat challenge in the Mandalorian camp on Dxun or something like that.

    I don't want to release the head separately and then go back to update the file to include the outfit, but I'll drop a "beta" version of the mod containing just the head here. Feel free to report any bugs on this thread or by DM.

    Moving on, the other day I've posted a pic of a WIP model I'm working on. The idea behind it is to create all new models that'd replace the boring default commoner clothing for the PC. I'll create upgradable items with interesting stats to give the user an incentive to actually use the new clothing other than just the new aesthetic. While I've teased the male model the other day, the female version is actually pretty much done. I've literally spent dozens of hours working, scrapping and recreating the damn thing, but I've now come to something I'm very happy with. And here it is.




    That's an illustration of the different iterations of the model. I wasn't kidding, I've put way more time into this than I'd ever care to admit. Thanks COVID I guess.

    But wait, you might be wondering..



    ..and yes it do!



    Next step, finishing the male model!

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  16. 2 hours ago, StellarExile said:

    I recommend unsubscribing from all mods except TSLRCM and see if that works. If possible, just use mods from DeadlyStream.

    Pretty much. Using mods from the workshop alongside manually downloaded mods tends to create all sorts of issues. Here it looks like the model is the right one from my mod but the engine is using the wrong textures.

  17. You need to rename a few files:

    • Navigate to your Override folder
    • Find the texture file named "twilek_f50.tga" ; that's the head texture of the Yuthura Ban PC mod
    • Select the file and hit CTRL+X. Paste it somewhere on your computer where you'll easily find it if need be.
    • Do the same for the files named "twilek_f50d1.tga", "twilek_f50d2.tga", "twilek_f50d3.tga" and "twilek_f50d4.tga" ; those are the dark side texture variations of the Yuthura PC mod.
    • Find the texture file named "twiled_f02.tga" ; that's the head texture of the Ritual tattoo girl mod
    • Create a copy of the file ; rename the copy into "twilek_f50.tga" (which is the name that the Yuthura PC mod expects for the head texture)
    • The Girl with ritual tattoos doesn't include any dark side variation textures, so you need to create 4 copies of the "twilek_f50.tga" file you have just renamed. Then, rename those 4 copied files into "twilek_f50d1.tga", "twilek_f50d2.tga", "twilek_f50d3.tga" and "twilek_f50d4.tga". Be mindful that your character's head won't go through any changes if you go DS during your playthrough.

    And that's it.



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  18. 2 hours ago, Ahsana said:

    I may figure out how to use TSL Patcher

    TSL Patcher comes with a fantastic user guide and the software is quite user friendly. Take the time to sit down and read through the guide thoroughly. Besides, for head ports you'll basically just need to use the simplest features of the patcher, i.e. adding a few rows in appearance.2da, heads.2da and portraits.2da, as well as copying the necessary .mdl, .mdx and .tga files over to the user's override folder.

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  19. No it won't affect the bake, just pointed it out in case that'd be something noticeable in the game you want to put this in (it probably will be). Generally to make characters pose, you want to use a skeleton rig so that you can move the bones around to make the pose you want. I'm attaching the blender file here, feel free to use it (or anyone else reading this). It was made for a character ported from another game but it should work fine for the Sith trooper model with a few adjustments. This way, your models won't need to have holes everywhere.

    I use Blender 2.8+ which I definitely recommend, unless you really need 2.79 for some reason (such as plugins that don't exist for 2.8). The general process goes like this:

    • In Object Data Properties, under UV Maps, create a new UV map. Name it however you want. Do this for each of the meshes and make sure they all have the same name name for that second UV set.
    • For each of these objects, click on their new UV set and proceed to unwrap your model however you want. There a different possible approaches here. You can make sure you don't hit Unwrap and just rearrange the UVs as they exist in the first, original UV map so that all of them fit into one image. Or you can select everything, hit U, 'Smart Unwrap' and call it a day.
    • Once your second UV set is ready, duplicate your objects. Rename the duplicates into something like "[NAME].orig". Name the others something like "[NAME].new" (this is just to make these instructions clearer). On the .orig meshes, delete the second UV map you've created. On the other meshes, delete the first UV map so as to only retain the UV unwrap you've created.
    • Now for each mesh: Select a .orig mesh. In the material node editor, add an Image Texture node. Create a new image and name it "MyTexture" or whatever, with the resolution you'd like. Whether no alpha channel is need depends on your target game engine and the results you want to achieve. Make sure the new image texture node is active. Now, CTRL + select the corresponding .new mesh. Create a new material, set it up as a simple Image Texture -> Diffuse BSDF ->  Material Output, with the "MyTexture" image selected in the Image Texture node. Make sure the Image Texture node is selected here as well. Now go to the render tab and select Cycles. Scroll down to Bake and select "Diffuse" in Bake Type. Uncheck "Direct" and "Indirect" under Influence as to only retain "Color". Click on the "Selected to Active" checkbox. Hit the "Bake" button, and after a few moments your MyTexture image should contain the texture information of the mesh you've baked. Repeat the process for the other two meshes, just make sure that "Clear Image" is unchecked under Output or Blender will just keep erasing whatever you had baked before.

    There's probably a shorter way to do it but this works every time.

    Unfortunately I can't help for the Unity part. AFAIK, Blender Render is longer worked on and has been replaced with Eevee in 2.8+, but you'll want to use Cycles to bake your new texture.

    basic armature.fbx