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  1. Does anyone have an answer for this? I have a bug that causes me to crash whenever I try and change the blade color crystal. I've used the skip peragus mod in order to test this one, which gives you a saber to start off with. The Duxn Veteran or whatever it's called is the one that it gives me, usually a magenta color. So I go to the workbench, click on Saber console, buy one of each color gem and build a hilt, usually curved but I've tried others. As soon as I open the saber to edit the blade color, the game crashes, instantly, always, without fail. All I have installed are TSLRCM M4-87, extra feats pack from the workshop and some texture swaps for lightning and fire and whatnot. And an armor retexture mod for the Jal Shey stuff. And before anyone says I should change how I installed it, I've installed it into the override folder for the tslcrm workshop edition, I've installed it in the game path, I've installed it in the TSLCRM and M4-87 override folders, I've installed it without anything else in the game, I've installed it as the first mod and the last mod, I've done literally everything to figure out what's causing the crash. Now it's pretty clear this mod is dead, but does anyone have an answer for this? it's really frustrating.
  2. Alright, so this is my First Playthrough of Brotherhood of Shadow, really it's my first Modded Playthrough of the original Kotor, but after a slow start figuring things out, I've made my way through the game, completed the original brotherhood of Shadow questline no problem, Started Solomons revenge and everything is moving smoothly. Then we get to the korriban Wastes, and things look a little... Odd. It feels like I was missing a lot of textures for Rocky outcropings because a lot of it was seethrough, but it wasn't affecting my ability to play, and it had a cool effect like the darkside was eroding the rock away, but I digress. We enter the temple, and I eventually find myself reliving Revan, Malik and Shadow's Assault on the mandalorian bridge. Again, things are going alright, figuring things out. Feeling smart cuz I got the puzzle with the power converters and the energy shield. Using gernades to blow them up was pretty cool. ANYWAY, I make my way to the next map, I think it was the bridge elevator. Map loads, I open the door, and I'm greeted by 2 droids, 2 small turrets, and at the far end of the room down the halway, 2 blue mandalorians and shortly after 2 yellow mandalorians show up running down the hall. (I'm using colors to hopefully give you an idea of where I'm at cause frankly I have no idea) And I enter the room, and the game crashes. The game always crashes without fail as soon as I aggro the mandalorians (I believe) I've worked out that I can camp in the little spawn room with my teammates and basically lure the droids in to the room to kill them, and wait for the turrets to die from blaster reflection, but the game crashes everytime I seem to aggro the mandalorians. Can anyone help me? Please? I've practically torn my hair out looking for this bug on like 3 different forums and I only found it reported once, with no answer. My Modlist is as follows Kotor 1 Restoration, k1 Force Powers, Fire and Ice HD, Solomons Revenge and Brotherhood of Shadow (I got them both from the combined install) Kotor1 Lightsaber Forms, 1k Skybox Retexture, Weapon Model Overhaul and Highres Lightning. I also have the optional 1k BOSSR addons Any and all help is appreciated