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  1. Was excited about the remake the first time it announced -- I mean, a remake that means higher-fidelity and that stuff. Then I remember there's still the original that stand still even after all this time. Much better, we have the engine that is modding-friendly as well is the mods! Granted, that's coming more from modding standpoint.

    From gaming experience PoV -- I believe true awesomeness of a journey only happened once -- and I'm glad I had enjoy it to the most, and not looking to replace/redo it with a copy.

    Probably I'll be truly excited about KotOR III... 😛

    P.S. To be fair I'm not going to like if in the end they change the direction of the original story and/or retcon things that's already there. If they want to do that why they don't go with a sequel in the first place?

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      The odyssey engine being mod friendly is too funny dude

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  2. When you kill Nihilus and Visas looks at Nihilus' face, what do you do differently to have Visas say he looks like "a man, nothing more" instead of "a graveyard world"? Is it random?

    1. TK-664


      Huh? I didn't know about that, I always got the first line.

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