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    Is the game worth the subscription? I've never subscribed to any game before because I don't believe in subscriptions, but this is a Star Wars games and makes it an exception... I currently play it on F2P, but I don't like being limited to what I can do at all, and so far the game is alright...
  2. Mmm... forgot to do that. That might be why dialog.tlk was not modified. Going to install everything again I guess, and remove the read-only tag. Yes, I had full 1.8.1 before 1.8.2 was released I believe, then just patched it into 1.8.2 .
  3. I bought KOTOR2 on Steam, having played it many years ago in the past. Wanted to have a great time playing this game again, and tried to enhance my experience installing some mods. Never really had any of these bugs in the past, but now I'm having them... One of them is the Red Eclipse cut scene showing like twice and then when you go inside the EbonH there's no one inside; got rid of that one though. Now this bug just came up (I think I have found a solution nevertheless), after the cut scene of the EbonH going into space to be captured in purpose the screen goes black, and I'm stuck with Atton in Nar Shaddaa. All the mods I have are compatible(I downloaded all of them from the compatibility topic), and I have version 1.8.2 and I'm pretty sure since in the main screen it shows up as such. Also KSE does not let me open my saved games because of something about dialog.tlk having less/more entries than it shows or something like that. My concern is... do I have a faulty installation or wrongly installed mods?