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  1. Bastila Romance Scriptfix

    Bastila Romance Scriptfix
    for Kotor 1 (GOG/retail)
    by Markus Ramikin
    version 1.1
    Readme contents
    I. The bugs (SPOILERS)
    II. The bugs - technical description
    III. Installation
    IV. Other mods
    V. Old savegames
    VI. Changelog
    VII. Disclaimers and permissions.
    I. The bugs (SPOILERS)
    After you've kissed Bastila, you can have a final conversation with her where the romance gets put on hold "until Malak is defeated". Two later dialogs potentially have lines that bring up the romance. These dialogs have bugs:
    First, confronting Evil Bastila on Temple Summit, on Rakata:
    - if you've had that post-kiss conversation with her, the game will not recognize the romance, and you will miss out on certain dialog options.
    Second, the final confrontation with Bastila on the Star Forge has an opposite problem:
    - If you've sunk the romance completely, for example by saying "Sorry, Bastila, that starship won't fly", the game will mistakenly give you the romance dialogue option.
    Of course Kotor 1 players have known for years that Bastila's romance is buggy, and several attempted fixes already exist. But these modify Bastila's dialog file from the Ebon Hawk conversations, so 1. they don't fix the second situation, on the Star Forge, and 2. they don't help a player whose savegame is already past the kiss+conversation part.
    This modification fixes both situations directly. Now you will get romance-related dialogue options on Rakata and the Star Forge regardless of whether you've discussed the kiss with her afterwards, but you will not get these options if you've shot her down.
    II. The bugs - technical description
    (you may safely skip this)
    The romance is controlled by the variable K_SWG_BASTILA. Once you've completed Bastila's plot it should have one of these values:
    K_SWG_BASTILA = 12: kissed Bastila = romance active
    K_SWG_BASTILA = 13: kissed Bastila AND talked afterwards = romance active
    K_SWG_BASTILA = 99: romance sunk (or unavailable because the PC is female)
    The Temple Summit dialog only recognizes the romance if the value is 12, which is why common advice to players is to not talk to Bastila after the kiss.
    The Star Forge dialog only recognizes the romance if the value is greater than 12, which means it will mistakenly recognize it even if it's 99, and may fail to recognize it if you didn't talk to Bastila after the kiss.
    To further complicate things, some of the Temple Summit dialog's endings run a script that sets the value to 13, even when it was 99. This mistakenly restores a killed romance for players who wanted to just stay friends.
    My fixed scripts recognize the romance at values 12 and 13 in both dialogs, as well as prevent the mistaken reactivation when it was 99.
    III. Installation
    Unzip, copy the files from Override into your game's Override folder.
    IV. Other mods
    Compatible with any mod out there that doesn't modify the same script files, or redesign the romance too much (i.e. the K_SWG_BASTILA variable behaves the same way).
    Compatible with K1R. At the time I'm writing this K1R contains a different Bastila romance fix, but that simply becomes irrelevant if my mod is present. Its changes to Bastila's dialog file neither hurt nor help.
    For authors of mods that allow a female PC x Bastila romance: I provide a version of my fix that removes the gender check. "Use it well. Use it for good." Players should note that this does NOT automatically make my fix compatible with such mods - it depends on how these mods are written. Consult the authors to be sure.
    The mod was tested with the GOG version, and I expect it'll work fine with the old retail/CD versions too. I will not be testing the Steam version, and I make no guarantees about it at all. (PSA: Don't get gaming classics from Steam, kids - good old games are the speciality of Good Old Games, duh.)
    V. Old savegames
    Compatible with pre-existing savegames, including past the kiss+conversation on the Ebon Hawk, up until the Temple Summit confrontation with Dark Bastila.
    Savegames from past the Temple Summit may fail to benefit from the fix fully, especially if your character's relationship with Bastila is supposed to be platonic.
    VI. Changelog
    1.0 -> 1.1:
    - Players who were deliberately NOT romancing Bastila could still sometimes get romantic lines in the second confrontation, on the Star Forge. This is properly fixed now; there was one more offending script to take care of.
    - [by request] added a variant without a gender check, so that this fix can (potentially) be used with mods that allow a female x Bastila romance.
    VII. Disclaimers and permissions.
    The usual stuff applies. The mod is provided as-is and with no guarantees; by installing it, you accept it may melt your computer, cause nuclear war, and hasten the heat death of the Universe.
    Distribute freely, including incorporating it in your mods, as long as you give credit.


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  2. Kill The Ithorian

    1. Description
    This is an updated version of the Kill the Ithorian Mod. Posted with Doctor's permission.
    On Telos, there is a caged Ithorian in the Exchange office, mistreated and unfed. Originally, after dealing with the local crimeboss, you could free the prisoner, or leave him in the cage. This had no impact on anything, such as your Light/Dark alignment, and there was no XP reward.
    This mod gives you an Experience + Lightside Points reward if you free him.
    Moreover, it offers an option to overload the cage and kill the flatworm, for Experience + Darkside Points.
    Version 1.1 is essentially the same, but with bugs fixed:
    - the infinite rewards exploit
    - the computer skill check not working.
    2. Installation
    To install: copy the two files into your game's Override folder: Deadly_Cage.ncs, term_slusk.dlg.
    To uninstall: delete these files from the Override folder.
    This mod works fine with TSLRCM 1.7.
    3. Compatibility.
    Works with TSLRCM, but it does overwrite term_slusk.dlg. This causes no problems.
    4. Credits
    Original author: Doctor (Stream)
    Version 1.1: Markus Ramikin
    Concept: Murdrax
    5. Disclaimers
    The usual stuff applies. The mod is provided as-is; by installing it, you accept all liability for any game instability or damage caused.
    Distribute freely, as long as you give due credit.


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  3. Workbench Crystal Attunement

    This mod allows you to upgrade the personal crystal independently of Kreia. That way you can do that even after Kreia becomes unavailable.
    The idea behind this mod is that if this crystal you get on Dantooine is so unusually responsive to you, why do you need someone else to keep it attuned? As I see it, the reason is Kreia's being the manipulator and control freak that she is. Most likely she wanted to seem even more indispensable to the Exile. Each time he runs to her with the crystal, it's a subtle reminder that he gains power, but through her.
    However, what if our Exile was perceptive enough to pick up on the procedure himself?
    Therefore, with this mod, you can attune the crystal at a workbench, without Kreia's help. However, you must have enough Wisdom (16 or more). That stands for the Exile having sufficient understanding of the Force and of his own connection to the crystal.
    Hint: if you're playing a combat-oriented character with low Wisdom, you can still meet the Wisdom check with some Wisdom-increasing items and/or Force Valor.


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