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    The rules were recently changed to allow ports between K1 and TSL. If you are porting vanilla heads, that's fine, but the rules still forbid porting other people's mods without express permission.
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    Here you go. changes.ini So, some explanations for the changes. You didn't add the module (MOD) file to the install list. You always want to make sure this is set to copy, NOT replace (it will say "File" if in changes.ini if it is set to copy). That way it will only copy it there if it does not already exist. Since most people will have TSLRCM installed, and that adds MODs for almost every module in the game, you don't want to overwriting them. Or ones added by other mods, more so in K1. Most of the files intended for the Override, textures and new UTIs, got added to the GFF list. As the name suggests, the GFF list is for GFFs (e.g. UTPs, UTCs, GITs, etc.), but only for ones you are actively editing. This is sometimes a new one you are editing, especially in the case of UTCs where you may need to dynamically change an appearance.2da reference, but in your case you needed to add these to the file list. I have set them to replace, mostly so you can see how that works. For your own unique files this is typically fine, and may sometimes be a requirement for a patch/update to an existing mod or the like. But in some instances copy may be the more desirable approach. You did not set the target destination for the actual GFF that was correctly in the list (g_tresmillow007.utp). This is critical (and the entire point of this TSLPatcher setup) because if you don't specify a target then it defaults to the Override. Which is the same problem you had originally. The destination has now been set to the MOD added above (I have assumed 152HAR is the intended module, so change if necessary). It should be noted that for a file in the GFF list that already exists in the target location, such as in this case, you don't need to include a physical copy of the file in the mod, since everything TSLPatcher needs is in the ini. However, if you are adding a completely new file then you do have to include a copy. More of a minor issue, but you had it set to automatically look up the game install location, which is the default setting. You should always set it to user defined, since TSLPatcher only knows about the CD version. Typically in modern use (with GOG or Steam versions of the game) it just fails to find the install and asks the user, but in certain edge cases this can cause problems. You can change this in the Settings section up the top, but you have to manually hit the Save Settings button for anything in there (unlike changes made in any other section, which update automatically). As a final note, you should take a look at changes.ini so you can get a better understanding of what the program is doing. There are some things that are just easier to change in the ini file directly (and at least one thing that is only possible to change there), so checking it after every edit is a good practice to get into.
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    You need to post the changes.ini it produces to properly see what is actually going on. But in a word, no. Most of what you have there is incorrectly under GFF.
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    I don't think WalkSwitch is the right tool for that. But it can easily be done by importing the module into Max (or probably Blender).
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    Template refers to UTx - UTI, UTC, etc. That's what the T stands for, Template.
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    I don't have a problem with it. Gamorreans are supposed to be formidable fighters, and it can be assumed that a leader of the GenoHaradan would be one of the stronger ones. Besides, maybe he used mines like we did.
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    There's no reason you need to switch if you'd prefer to use a container, you just need to do it properly. And in TSL especially, as you've discovered, all you've really done is exchange that problem for a different flavour of the same problem. Obsidian was extremely lazy with their design and reused a lot of Tags/ResRefs across multiple modules. This means you can't just dump stuff in the Override folder, you need to learn how to use TSLPatcher and do module injection. For either case, module injection should solve your issue, since you'll only be adding it to that specific instance of an inventory. Whichever one you prefer, the basic operation is the same. Extract a copy of the original template. Make a duplicate of that and edit it with your changes. Use TSLPatcher's ChangeEdit to create a new changes.ini and difference your edited file and the original to generate a list of required changes, making sure to specify the destination module it needs to go to. If you have additional items that need to be added, like custom UTIs, these can also be added, either to the module or the Override as necessary. Then you need to extract the vanilla module files from the two RIM files (and in TSL also the associated xxx_dlg.erf) and bundle them into a MOD using ERFEdit, and in ChangeEdit set this up to be added to the Modules directory (importantly, not set to overwrite). You should read the PDF that comes with TSLPatcher as well as browsing through the tutorial sub-forum for further information.
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    The pony tail head also uses two side-by-side textures, just the Atris texture instead of the Kreia one. https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Handmaiden_Atris_Ponytail_BETA.7z This doesn't affect the full body Handmaiden used for her hooded outfit. You'll need to sort that out on your own. Also, a quick test reveals that there are some clipping and backface issues where the hair meets the neckline. The hair is currently not skinned, so this will need to be changed and some neck weights painted in most likely. The ponytail is also static, not a danglymesh.
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    https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_DP_Handmaiden_Atris_Bun_BETA.7z As per the other versions, it includes LS/DS hooded clothes with the new head and is not compatible with other Handmaiden mods. I'll leave that for someone else. I think I've about had my fill of Handmaiden hairdressing for the moment.
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    That looks really good! I love it! Thanks a load!
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    Here you go: https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_DP_Handmaiden_Ponytail_BETA.7z As I said, the texture is just a placeholder. Someone will need to make a proper version. Includes LS/DS hooded clothes, as per the long hair mod. Obviously it's not compatible with that, or other Handmaiden mods. I did actually start on it right back when I was first experimenting with various hair options, but never got further than the initial mesh fitting/adjustment. She looked a bit too much like Atris for my tastes, so I dropped it. It would need the UVs to be adjusted before it would be ready to use. I'll get around to it at some point. I thought I also tried a mirrored version that flipped the part to the opposite side for a bit of visual differentiation, but I'm not sure what happened to that.
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    I've been porting a lot of heads from K2 to incorporate into K1, not every head in K2 yet but at this rate I may eventually get pretty close to that. I would like to share all the ported heads for others to download, with the exception of ones I've noticed are already available. I noticed there have been legality questions about this in the past, and that currently it's okay to port heads and share them. But I'm wondering if there is an upper limit... If I were to share something like 20 ported heads would that be too many or is that okay? Thanks!