Consular Sentinel Class Skill Swap 1.0.0

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This mod swaps the class skills for the Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Consular, giving the Sentinel the Computer Use, Demolitions and Repair Class skills, and removing them from the Consular.


It always bothered me that the Jedi Consular had 6 class skills, more than the Scoundrel or the Scout, while the Jedi Sentinel had 3, the same number as the Jedi Guardian. It was also highly inconsistent with the other design decisions made towards the Jedi classes, and inconsistent with KotOR 2. It always felt like a mistake.


Every other progression decision is based around the idea that the Guardian is the melee class, the Consular is the Force class, and the Sentinel is the Skill class. Feat gain, Skill gain, and Power Gain are all based around this. Guardians get more feats, while Consulars and Sentinels get the same number. Consulars get more powers, while Guardians and Sentinels get the same number. Sentinels get more skills, while Consulars and Guardians get the same number.


While I wouldn't classify this mod as a bugfix, it does fix an inconsistency within the game, that left the Sentinel as the least viable Jedi class, considering that skill progression is substantially less useful, especially in KotOR 1, than base attack, force saves, feat gain, and power gain, all of which it lags behind both other classes in. This makes the Sentinel somewhat more viable as a class, especially for skill focused runs, and makes the Jedi Consular slightly less effective, considering it already has a lot going for it, due to the increased number of force power and better saving throws.



  • Swaps the Class Skills of the Jedi Consular and Sentinel

Requirements & Compatibility

  • To install, run the Installer.exe file. It will automatically install the mod for you

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Thank you for reading, enjoy!

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A simple but highly effective change that I feel should have been implemented in the base game as well for the sake of balance. It never made sense to me as to why (especially in Bastila's case) Sentinels get such great returns with their INT modifier but have such a limited pool of class skills, while Consulars get so much skill diversity along with their bonus Force Powers. With this change, Bastila will be usable now and the Soldier/Sentinel will be a lot more viable. Well done!

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