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Recruitable Maxis Mod


This mod will add a new character to KotOR called Maxis Lawquane, a merchant you will encounter on Tatooine and eventually add to your party on Yavin. A new game is recommended to get the most out of this mod.


Maxis has a quest just like the rest of your party. As you gain levels, more dialogue will be available with Maxis which will further his quest. I recommend you add Maxis to the party as early as possible so you don't miss out.


You will have the option to train Maxis as a Jedi or a Sith, which will affect his fate at the end of the game.


Access to the Shyrak Caves is required to complete Maxis' story, so don't finish Korriban before you finish Maxis' quest.


Instructions (if you don't want to know what happens in his quest or what to do, don't read this):
First you meet Maxis in the first module of Tatooine, situated to the left of the Ebon Hawk. There you can buy items from him; activate his sidequest; or, if you really want to, kill him.


Once you activate his quest, go to the Czerka offices and get in to a fight with the Rodian you'll find there. Once you've got the datapad from him, go back to Maxis for a reward. At this point, he leaves Tatooine and you can go and find him on Yavin.


To find him there, talk to Suvam Tan asking where he is. Maxis will appear and you can talk to him a bit more, and convince him to join your journey. He replaces T3-M4, whom you must sell to Suvam Tan in order to recruit Maxis. If you miss T3, don't worry, because he'll remain on the station and you can talk to him there.


After that, you have to level up a bit while talking to Maxis to continue the quest. Once you've finished the dialogue about returning to fight the Trandoshans, go back to Tatooine and you will be ambushed upon leaving the Ebon Hawk. This is a very difficult fight, you face off against 4 Trandoshans and their leader. Luckily, you'll get some custom loot as a reward.


After a couple more interactions, Maxis will stop wanting to speak to you. To complete the quest, you must talk to a Twi'lek found in the Czerka office on Dreshdae. Then you can talk to Maxis, and you will convince him to come with you to the Shyrak Caves to find a holocron.


The Glysh Family:
In version 1.4 I added the Glysh Family to this mod, and it's been expanded upon in Version 1.5.


The Glysh Family is a subplot that's intended to run through the entire game, but intersects with Maxis' story. Throughout the game you will come across members of the Rodian crime syndicate. In order to help Maxis on Tatooine, you have to kill one of the higher ups of the family, which causes them - and their leader, the mysterious Raika Glysh - to hunt you across the Galaxy.


Just let the TSLPatcher do its thing.


I can assure compatibility with K1R. For compatibility with Recruitable Kay, go to the folder labeled Recruitable Kay Compatibility and run the TSLPatcher. DO THIS AFTER INSTALLING BOTH MODS FIRST.


If you encounter or suspect any compatibility issues with any other mods, please PM me on DeadlyStream and I will be more than happy to try and fix it for you.


Maxis looks a little odd on the level up screen, which I believe is because he replaces T3-M4. It's nothing more than a visual problem, and has no impact on gameplay so I wouldn't worry about it.


If you come across any other bugs or miscellaneous problems please PM me!


Place all the files in the backup folder in to your Override and delete all files from tslpatchdata that are present in the Override.


Special thanks to Fair Strides, Kexikus, Darth Parametric and others on DeadlyStream who helped and answered my many questions for various parts of this mod. Without that help this mod wouldn't exist.


Special thanks to UnusualCharacters for providing voiceovers for Sith Troopers and Carth on the Leviathan.

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