VP's Canon Revan with 'Stache 1.0

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Note: Requires VarsityPuppet's canon Revan mod installed.


NAME: VP's Canon Revan with 'Stache
LS TEXTURE BY: qwerty-ru


So, the story goes like this: I was always a fan of the Scarface head and I loved VP's Revan head, but there's one thing that always bugged me about both: they look cool with the 'stache, but not so cool without it and they only have it when full DS. And while Scarface got all his 'stache needs covered by Iniry's wonderful retextures, VP's Revan got less hairy love. So qwerty-ru made the LS version of Revan's head with 'stache all the way back in 2012 and I just decided to finish it all up - added the 'stache to the three other versions and made icons for all of them. Now the icons look like a bit of a crap, but I hope they at least got this "mentally ill person with MS paint" charm to them.


At any rate, there it is. You gotta have VP's head installed before you install this one though.


Drinking game: take a shot every time you see the word 'stache above.


Just dump the .tga's in the Override, chief
Delete PMHC01.tga, PMHC01d1.tga, PMHC01d2.tga, PMHC01d3.tga, po_pmhc1.tga, po_pmhc1d.tga, po_pmhc1d1.tga, po_pmhc1d2.tga and po_pmhc1.d3tga. You'll probably want to delete the other PMHC01 files as well, though they are not mine.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0 - Unleashed onto this world
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He's got a weird black patch where his scar should be. Any ideas how to fix or why this is?

Hmm. The only idea why this would happen is if you only installed this and didn't install VP's canon Revan head mod first.


Any chance of getting the darkside transition to be more like the films?

Never thought of that, TBH. I could make a new reskin with movie-style DS transition, though I doubt anyone would be interested.

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Ugh, never touch the stache lol, but this would be a good one actually, I think I might add this to my download list @JayDominus, just because. I totally could see this also being worked into my smuggler dialogue project too, even if its not even like 25% done :) because this is pretty good judging from the screen shots :)

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