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  1. While it makes Canderous look really cool, the armor is just ridiculously overpowered and it destroys the balance. I had to reinstall after reaching the Mandalorians on Dantooine because they killed my team in seconds-even on easy. In addition, Canderous is ridiculously overpowered and comes with 8 dominator gauntlets-why even play? I am sorry but I simply cannot recommend this mod to anybody.
  2. He's got a weird black patch where his scar should be. Any ideas how to fix or why this is?
  3. I'm curious if this is compatible with MVacc224's Classes Feats, Skills, Powers and Tweaks mod?
  4. All mods I'm installing around K1R are from this site. Edit: so here's the list of mods I'm putting in, if there are any immediate conflicts I'd appreciate the heads up. Classes, Feats, Powers and Skills Tweak by MVacc224 Energy Shield Fix by R2-X2 MrPhil's No Force Restrictions Armo Revan's Jedi Robes by ZimmMaster Taris Reskin by Quanon Upgradeable Vanilla Robes by Rece War Torn Mullet Man Head by ZimmMaster Enhanced Merchants by Shem And here's what I've got queued up to install High Quality Stars and Nebula by Kexikus Uthar Revisited by Marius Fett Edit: according to some search results, Sherruk Attacks With Lightsabers is incompatible Juhani-Total Makeover by Shem Saber Colors Overhaul animated-SWTOR Edition-Jorak Uln Malak Improved-Shem Now if I understand this correctly, mods that are technical and texture won't conflict, right? I'm VERY new to KOTOR modding and modding in general, just discovering all this stuff so that's why I'm asking all these questions. Edit 2: Okay, all this stuff seems to be working just fine as I've just exited the Vulkar base and run into no problems so far. I'd like to applaud the team, the new stuff all feels very organic and the voice acting fits right in the game. I especially enjoyed the requirement to go to the Lower City solo or get another uniform for Carth.
  5. Hello. I'm putting together my mod list and I'm wondering if Shem's Enhanced Merchants is compatible with K1R? I'm trying to stick with compatible mods, perhaps the list needs to be updated. Thank you.
  6. Getting the most out of KOTOR 1