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Hey there everyone! First off, thanks for downloading my mod! I really appreciate every fan that I have out there, so thanks again!


This is TSLRCM compatible.


Alright, who cares about introductions right? Let's get right down to what this mod is. So, I added 51 new power crystals to the game. Each one does a couple of special things to your lightsabers that I don't think most people have done. (well, in the sense that I haven't seen anyone really come out with a crystal mod like this.) Anyways… I placed every crystal to pop up in certain situations (i.e: certain dialog options, what classes you choose, etc…) as well as placed them randomly throughout the game.


Well, yeah that's about as much as I can say honestly. I really hope you guys do find this mod pretty interesting. I am a bit too lazy to type out every crystal, with it's stats and what-not. I'll type out the codes (although I REALLY, REALLY want you to find the crystals in-game instead of cheating. If you want to know which crystal code belongs to which, check out my WIP on Deadlystream and look for the numbers after each crystal name.





Anyways, here are the codes!


They're pretty simple, just: rececrstl200 all the way to 250.


Here's a little sneak peak at how some of the crystals work:



There are two ways, depending on which file you downloaded. There's the TSRCM version, and the non-TSLRCM version. They are both easy to install, so yeah. Anyways, just run the TSLPatcher and it'll automatically install every file. For the non-TSLRCM version, you'll just have to cheat all of the items into the game.



Just remove all of the files from your override, and replace any backups found in the backups folder.



Unfortunately, this mod is NOT compatible with a mod like SLM. I believe it is for Duplisaber, so that's always good :D



You may NOT redistribute this mod without my consent. Ask me on any site, like DS, YouTube, Steam, etc… and I will tell you if you can put my mod somewhere else.


And now for my special thanks:


Fair Strides is first and foremost as he is for every one of my mods. I mean, I can't describe how helpful and how much of an awesome guy he is. It's just beyond me that I know someone like him. He helped me with scripts (as with every script that I have to make) as well as help with guiding me through making certain parts of the TSLPatcher. Malkior for some recommendations on crystal names, stats, and descriptions. Akko for suggesting a crystal to me, which I made the description make it seem like it's his crystal :D. Everyone out there who commented on my posts as well as kept up the support. Oh, and thanks Xuul for that comment, I never would have thought you would comment on one of my projects haha. Well, you did make a mod review for my bad mod that I made haha. Anyways…



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