TSL: A Better Hanharr Re-Texture 1.0.1

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What originally started out as just a simple re-work of an older existing re-texture by @Constar for my own use has grown into a completely new beast of its own. I didn't like the short dog hair, the sloth-like aesthetic and, frankly, how sloppy the original mod was and sought to bring it up to a higher standard, inspired by the works of @Dark Hope. I wound up overhauling everything and doing my own thing, but there are still some design choices that carry over from his: the clawed chest and the white hairs around the mouth, blood-stained fur; details I thought added some good story elements to a rather flat and boring character and re-interpreted to my own tastes. I wanted to make Hanharr look like a feral, crusty Wookiee--intimidating but still a little pathetic-- without straying too far from the vanilla color schemes, and kept design elements within the simple slap-shod aesthetics of the OT. He's got a simple brown leather bandolier with mismatched pouches (not pictured in the photos are a last-minute addition of some asymmetric studs on the shoulders) and rusted iron shackles around his wrists, and just a little bit of Chewbacca fur on the face for good measure. Simple and clean.

I hope you enjoy this simple (and long overdue, imo) little mod!



Just extract the .tga files (one for Hanharr, one for his portrait) from the .rar file with your program of choice into your "Override" folder. That's it.


Extract and delete from your "Override" folder. Simple.



Constar for the original mod that inspired this

@Effix & Dark Hope for all their  patience in helping me troubleshoot my issues

The DeadlyStream community for all the great mods they've made available over the years that kept these games fresh for me

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Minor cosmetic tweaks to bandolier, nostrils, and eye area.

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