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Chodo Habat and pals were strong-armed out of their control of the Restoration Project before they could complete their work. This means that some key components for a healthy ecosystem were never imported from Dxun, such as water and physics, leading to some funky model errors. There are streams with invisible water, floating leaves, floating rocks, illusory rocks, UV errors, and one hole in the ground exposing Telos to the great void. Let's give our Ithorian friends a hand.

There are two versions of the mod available to download, one of which has been made for compatibility for users with High Quality Skyboxes installed. Download the 7z file for the version of your choice, and extract to your game's override folder. For Steam installations, this would be "Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II\override". 7z files can be extracted with Archive Utility on macOS, or with programs like PeaZip on Windows and Linux. If you are upgrading from a previous version of the mod, be sure to remove that "Telos_Model_Repairs" folder from your override after installing the new version.

If you are using the High Quality Skyboxes compatible version of the mod, make sure to remove 231teld.mdl and 231teld.mdx from your installation of High Quality Skyboxes in the override folder to ensure you see all changes made. Kexikus has generously allowed me to incorporate the necessary model changes from High Quality Skyboxes into the compatibility version, so that these mods may be compatible. If you installed High Quality Skyboxes via Steam, you can find the relevant mod files at "Steam\steamapps\workshop\208580\2312186259\override".

Remove "Telos_Model_Repairs" from your override folder.

Included Files:



Users should expect full compatibility with any other mods, so long as they do not modify/replace the above models and walkmeshes. High Quality Skyboxes works alongside the compatibility version of this mod. Texture mods that do not alter the above models are fully compatible with either version.

Some other great, compatible mods for Telos to check out are Telos surface 4k Retexture by coremar, TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul by Jorak Uln, and Kotor 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod by facemeltingsolo.

I would like to thank Symmetric, Purifier, Ndix UR, and seedhartha for making importing to Blender simple using KotORBlender, and Cortisol and Fred Tetra for making file extraction easy with the Holocron Toolset and KotOR Tool, respectively. I would also like to thank Kexikus for allowing me to merge the necessary changes to makes this mod compatible with High Quality Skyboxes.

This modification is not supported by Obsidian Entertainment, Lucasarts, Disney or any licensers/sponsors thereof. Use of this modification is at your own risk and neither the aforementioned companies nor the author may be held responsible for any damages caused to your computer via this modification's usage.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


- Fixed major walkmesh issues that had not been addressed already

- Added many more UV fixes

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