Korriban Sith Uniform Fixes 1.0.0

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There are some mods out there that change the uniforms of the Sith on Korriban to robes, but I myself like this incarnation of the Sith being a bit more "modern-looking." But there are some inconsistencies. Mainly, some students wearing uniforms that would only be worn by higher ranked Sith. The same goes for some masters like Uthar and Jorak which are wearing uniforms identical to the students when met even though Uthar later wears much more flashy attire appropriate to his station as head of the academy.

My fixes correct certain students wearing uniforms they should not, keeping Yuthura in the unique uniform she wears when first meeting her in the cantina and giving Uthar the same treatment for when you first meet him. I also went ahead and gave Uthar's unique uniform to Jorak, the former head of the academy as he too should not be wearing the common male variant.

Minor Spoiler: Both of my files for Yuthura are compatible with the mod "Yuthura Sith Eyes with Light Side Transition" as all that mod does is change the alignment of the Yuthura file for Dantooine so she has non-Sith eyes. My Dantooine Yuthura file has her appear with her unique outfit and also has the alignment modification for the mod compatibility. Just prioritize my "dan13_yuthura.utc" file above the one added by that mod.

Credits: Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra

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