Ten Minute Force Auras 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a simple mod that extends the duration of the following force auras to ten minutes:

  • Force Aura > Force Shield > Force Armor
  • Force Valor > Knight Valor > Master Valor
  • Burst of Speed > Knight Speed > Master Speed
  • Energy Resistance > Improved Energy Resistance > Master Energy Resistance
  • Force Barrier > Improved Force Barrier > Master Force Barrier
  • Battle Meditation > Improved Battle Meditation > Master Battle Meditation
  • Force Resistance > Force Immunity
  • Force Sight
  • Force Enlightenment

I've also included an additional file with "Drain Chain", this simply links the Drain Life and Drain Force series of powers to Force Chain. IE any characters linked by force chain will both receive the restorative benefits of those powers.

Installation: Copy files to override folder.

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This is incompatible with many other force power mods, can you please try to update this mod to use TSLpatcher


I like the idea but unfortunately I can't use it due to a single mod (k2 content pack)

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