[K1] Saber&Melee weapon sound mod 1.0

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Saber&Melee Weapon Sound Mod for KotOR


Author: DeadMan


This is K1 version of my sound mod, so I'll just qoute the description from TSL version:



1. What is this?
This mod will change sounds of lightsabers and other melee weapons.


Lightsaber sounds are replaced with more movie-like versions. The mod will not only replace ingame sounds, but also will add some variety.
For example, all lightsaber types (normal, doublebladed and short) now have unique set of sounds (not only on/off and ‘hum’ sounds, but also swing, parry and hit sounds).


Vibroblades, vibroswords, long swords, doublebladed swords and quarterstaffs also have updated soundsets. Vanilla game had only 2 (!) swing sounds for ALL melee weapons. With my mod it’s 3-4 unique sounds for a weapon type.


2. Why should I install it?
Why not? ;)


3. How to install?
Just run TSL Patcher, it will do everything for you.


4. Compatibility.
The mod is not compatible with other mods which alter saber sounds.


5. Credits.
Shem – I used some sound files from his Ultimate Sound Mod.


Conditions of Use:
Anything else - be my guest, use like you want, just give credit to me.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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This mod made every weapon-sound jarring and way too loud!

With no instruction on what files go where or how to uninstall this mod, no saved back-up folder with the original sounds either.... so now I'll have to go n' delete KOTOR with all my files and install all 80 mods AGAIN which TOOK ALL NIGHT! (all mods worked flawlessly except this one).


By the way: if this mod is incompatible with any other mod or the android version- for the love of GOD let us users' know!

Otherwise you're kind of just wasting everybody's time.


I had no errors during the TSLpatcher installation either, so this mod should've worked, I have absolutely not a clue why it didn't.... probably because I was planning of playing it on my android device, but; I could never know that BECAUSE THIS UPLOADER DIDN'T GIVE US ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER ON THIS MOD!!!!! >:C


Not everybody is as clever as you, okay?

Not everybody knows how to edit files or check for errors, that's your duty when uploading something that you want other people to download.

I am sorry for freaking-out, but i really wanted this to work, it sounded awesome. ( >;^;<)


Please don't take this personally, just please, next time: make sure that people know how your stuff works and how to uninstall if they run into any issues (like I have), okay?

May the force be with you ❤️

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Rtas Vadum


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