TOR Ports: KOTOR Comic Republic Uniforms Admiralty Patch 1.0.1b

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This mod adds Republic officer uniforms styled after Saul Karath’s appearance in the KOTOR comics, ported from the Old Republic MMO. Admirals Cede and Onasi both get uniforms that match the one used for Admiral Dodonna in the companion mod for K1, while male and female officers get generic uniforms.

Known Issues:

  • Apparently some graphics cards may not render the hologram effect in conjunction with normal maps. I have added an optional patch which removes normal maps from the hologram models. If you experience this issue, download the "NM FIX" and copy the models and texture into your Override folder, overwriting when prompted.


  • Original models and textures ported from The Old Republic MMO
  • Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit
  • Thanks to @ndix UR for TGA2TPC and normal map normalizer tool
  • Thanks to Fair Strides for creating a customised version of TSLPatcher to handle filename clashes
  • Thanks to zaramot on the Xentax forums for the TOR GR2 Max import script

What's New in Version 1.0.1b   See changelog


  • Fixed an incorrect texture reference in the Harbinger Nav Officer model in the normal map fix patch (thanks to Cinder Skye for bringing it to my attention)
  • Light Side Points 1

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2 minutes ago, chrispap said:

Yes i install this mod

Well it isn't being detected. What version of the game are you using? Steam? If so, with the Workshop? If yes, where did you install each mod?

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And when i am trying to install that file on the sith lords because that isn't exist on steam workshop, i get a virus this meeans some of the tsldata files is was corrupted 

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You have to install this mod to the same location you installed the original Admiralty/Hologram mod. You clearly didn't do that, hence you got the error message.

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Having some issues with one Republic soldier in the very first log at the Harbinger bridge. Missing texture. Tried the Normal Map fix



Mod List follows


Vibrant Skies
Dialog Overhaul
TSLRCM Tweaks -- No Sith Lord in Trayus Academy
Party Swap
Handmaiden/Disciple Same Gender Romances
Extended Enclave
H/D SGR Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch
More Upgradable Guns
NPC Overhaul
Peragus Troops to Sith Assassins
Zhug Attack Fix
Extended Korriban Arrival
Republic Soldier Fix
Darth Insidious HD Effects
IceEclipseFX Textures
JC's Blaster Visual Effects
Fire and Ice HD Whee
Community Patch
JC's Minor Fixes
HD Twi'lek Female
TSL Backdrop Fixes
Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields
Peragus Large Monitor Adjustments
Peragus II by Trench
Telos Backdrop
TSL Head Model Fixes
TSL Remastered
Atris Holocron
Czerka Sign and Desk
Thigh High Boots for Twi'lek Body
Emperor Turnip's HD Animated Sabers
JC's Supermodel Fix for K2 (with Running)
Dark Harbinger
Darth Sapiens Nihilus
4k Atton
Better Sion
HD 2k Visas Marr
Refurbished Astromech Droids
Korriban Retexture
Ebon Hawk Cockpit Fix
Ebon Hawk HD Texture
EH Animated Monitors
Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox
TSL Prestige Save Fixes
Kill the Ithorian
HD Cockpit Skyboxes
Thorium Charge
Peragus Cutscenes
Kreia's Fall In-Game
Workbench Crystal Attunement
Choose Mira or Hanharr
Nihilus Visas
Darth Sion and the Male Exile
DeadMan's Quarterstaffs
Fit Handmaiden
High Quality Blasters
TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack
Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux
^ NormalMap Fix
Player and Party Underwear
Realistic Visual Effects
HK-50 and 51 Reskin
Mandalorian Worn-Out Armor
Improved Ai/Patch
Slender Body for Females
JC's Feat Fixes
Twi'lek Male Ears
Repair HK-47
Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map
Dahnis Flirt Option
K1 Headpack
Telos Polar Academy Skybox
Dantooine Flag Fix
Harbinger Hull Fixes
Ordo's Repeating Blaster
JC's VO Fix for K2
TSL Improved Party Outfits
Party Leveler TSL
K1 to K2 Game Bridge
Bao-Dur SHield Dialog
Terentateks TSL
Add Power Crystals
Emperor TUrnip Asteroids of Splendor
Train the Handmaiden
Full Jedi Council
Companion Robes
Companion Robes Patch
Movie-Style Jedi Master Robes
Visas Unmasked
Rocket Launcher Sounds
JC's Saber Workshop
^ Compatibility with Handmaiden/Disciple
Kotor 2 Widescreen UI
Bao-Dur's Charged Armor
A Darker Peragus
A Darker Peragus Redux
Feats Tweak
Create All Mira's Rockets
HQ Stars and Nebulas
Hide Weapons in Animations
Animated PLC_comPanel
Peragus Upgrade
Onderon Cantina Sign
Swoop Monitor Replacement Sign
TSL Harbinger and Hammerhead VIsual Appearance Mod
SH Citadel Station Signage
Malachor Lightning
Cloaked Heavy Armors for Zeison Sha Armors
ZS-JS Full Replacement to Cloaked Heavy Armors
Quansword Ebon Hawk
Vurt's Protocol Droids
Vurt's Exteriors, minus Sky
Ultimate Sound
Saber and Weapon Sound Mod
Handmaiden Head Retex
Handmaiden Robes Retexture
HD Muzzle Flash
High Poly Grenades
Joe's Kreia Retexture
Replacement Loading Screens
Invisible Headgear
Peragus Tweak
HK-50 & HK-51
Some of my own 2DA balance hacks.


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Everyone else in all holos to the end of Peragus is fine -- I haven't gotten to Telos yet on this playthrough.

Intel Core i7-7700HQ @2.81Ghz, 8 cores
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, 4 GB VRAM
Game is being accessed on a Samsung 256 GB SSD via USB 3.1
Using Win 10. OS is on an internal 128 GB SSD, so all OS functions should be called quickly.

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If all the other Harbinger officers look ok, then the issue has to be something to do with your install, as the nav officer shares the same body texture used by the others. Upload a copy of appearance.2da from your Override folder, 151har.mod from your Modules folder, and a save on the Harbinger.

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Appreciate the effort you're going through to help me with this. Thanks.

Uploaded multiple save files, "That Hurt" is probably the most useful one to you.

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Looks like it was a mistake on my part. The normal map fix version of the Nav Officer model had an incorrect texture reference. I have uploaded a fixed version, so grab that and extract it into your Override folder.

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