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Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords

TITLE: Effixian's Player Head Reskins
AUTHOR: Effix(ian)
CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam

Unzip, pick the files from the different folders that you would like to add and place them into your override folder.

These are simple reskins that replace existing heads. The zip file contains folders so that you can pick which head you want to install. The download also contains screenshots to easily see which folder contains which files. Since this mod only replaces textures and portraits it shouldn't cause conflicts with other mods.

Compared to the original this head has slightly darker skin and she has makeup that's inspired by an option in SWTOR, her eyes are made gray. There's no zombie dark side corruption, fully dark side has yellow eyes and halfway is a bit of a mix between those extremes.

A reskin of the PFHC05 head that I did in 2010 (never published), adjusted a bit inspired by a request from ASinisterGecko & Warregory on Steam. Compared to the original PFHC05 there's no zombie dark side corruption, light side is blue eyes, added blue makeup and brown hair, halfway to dark the makeup goes green with slightly darker hair and at full dark side you get the Sith yellow eyes, red makeup and black hair. I also changed the lips.

PFHC05 - Redhead
(Not compatible with the above head) A reskin of the PFHC05 head and a continuation of the above head mod. Unlike the other 2 redheads this one does have zombie dark side corruption. Requested by Hobo King Niklz.

PFHC06 & PMHC07 - Echani
Echani themed reskins. Compared to the originals there's no zombie dark side corruption, light side has blue eyes, fully dark side has yellow eyes and halfway is a bit of a mix between those extremes. I also made the female's lips less red.
Requested by @@SHALLS210@@ on Steam. I made the female reskin in 2010, but didn't publish it at the time.

PFHC07 & PMHC07 - Redheads
The male gets a beard, as requested by gigaGinger on Steam. Apart from the hair colour I've changed the female's lips.
I've given both characters green eyes. There's no darkside zombie look, only the yellow eyes.

PFHH01, PFHH02, PFHC07, PMHC03, PMHC06 - Chiss
For the Chiss fans. Reskins of 2 male and 3 female heads to make them look like Chiss. Because of Steam mod limitations (Made these for the Steam Workshop) there's no custom underwear or dancer's outfit to match the blue skin.

The changes to this head are inspired by KotOR's Jolee Bindo and a mix of the original texture with KotOR's Gadon Thek (whose texture was left in the KotOR 2 files). There's no zombie dark side corruption, fully dark side has yellow eyes and halfway is a bit of a mix between those extremes.

A bearded reskin of the PMHC01 head that I made in 2010, to look like me as close as possible (you see it in a lot of my screenshots). Compared to the original PMHC01, apart from the beard, it removes the scar, there's no zombie dark side corruption, instead you get Sith tattoos at fully dark side plus the yellow eyes. I think I also tweaked the color of the hair a bit, even though there's not many on the top.
The Sith tattoos have an asymmetrical detail made possible by the fact that this model had a scar on only one side.

A more aged reskin of the PMHC04 head that I did in 2010 (not published). Compared to the original it looks older, there's no zombie dark side corruption, the eyes start with blue, then green and yellow at fully darkside.

PMHH01 - "Son of Vaklu"
A reskin of the PMHH01 head, inspired by a post by Dereshi on Steam, who was looking for a character with white skin and black hair and then Vaklu turned out to be an example of that and I mixed his beard into it.
Compared to the original PMHH01 there's no zombie dark side corruption, light side has brown eyes, fully dark has the yellow eyes, halfway is a mix of the two. This reskin makes the original hispanic head more caucassian so you could notice a slight difference between the head and things like arms when wearing underwear.
Recommended mod to fix clipping issues: TSL Head Model Fixes by redrob41 http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/489-tsl-head-model-fixes/

Remove from the Override folder:

For PFHB01: PFHB01.tga, PFHB01d1.tga, PFHB01d2.tga, po_PFHB01.tga, po_PFHB01d1.tga, po_PFHB01d2.tga
For PFHC05: PFHC05.tga, PFHC05D1.tga, PFHC05D2.tga, po_PFHC05.tga, po_PFHC05d1.tga, po_PFHC05d2.tga
For PFHC06: PFHC06.tga, PFHC06D1.tga, PFHC06D2.tga, po_PFHC06.tga, po_PFHC06d1.tga, po_PFHC06d2.tga
For PFHC07: PFHC07.tga, PFHC07D1.tga, PFHC07D2.tga, po_PFHC07.tga, po_PFHC07d1.tga, po_PFHC07d2.tga
For PFHH01: PFHH01.tga, PFHH01D1.tga, PFHH01D2.tga, po_PFHH01.tga, po_PFHH01d1.tga, po_PFHH01d2.tga
For PFHH02: PFHH02.tga, PFHH02D1.tga, PFHH02D2.tga, po_PFHH02.tga, po_PFHH02d1.tga, po_PFHH02d2.tga
For PMHB10: PMHB10.tga, PMHB10d1.tga, PMHB10d2.tga, po_PMHB10.tga, po_PMHB10d1.tga, po_PMHB10d2.tga
For PMHC01: PMHC01A.tga, PMHC01AD1.tga, PMHC01AD2.tga, po_PMHC01.tga, po_PMHC01d1.tga, po_PMHC01d2.tga
For PMHC03: PMHC03A.tga, PMHC03AD1.tga, PMHC03AD2.tga, po_PMHC03.tga, po_PMHC03d1.tga, po_PMHC03d2.tga
For PMHC04: PMHC04A.tga, PMHC04AD1.tga, PMHC04AD2.tga, po_PMHC04.tga, po_PMHC04d1.tga, po_PMHC04d2.tga
For PMHC06: PMHC06.tga, PMHC06d1.tga, PMHC06d2.tga, po_PMHC06.tga, po_PMHC06d1.tga, po_PMHC06d2.tga
For PMHC07: PMHC07.tga, PMHC07D1.tga, PMHC07D2.tga, po_PMHC07.tga, po_PMHC07d1.tga, po_PMHC07d2.tga
For PMHH01: PMHH01.tga, PMHH01d1.tga, PMHH01d2.tga, po_PMHH01.tga, po_PMHH01d1.tga, po_PMHH01d2.tga

Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool




My mods are free. If you would like to show your support then you can buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/effix

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Added PFHC07 - Chiss

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So many lovely reskins, hard to decide who to choose.

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