#9: Mod Roundup (December 2019)



It's been a year since I started doing these mod roundups. Some of you appear to be reading them, so I think I'll be sticking with it into the new year.

I’ve found that forcing myself to go through my upload history in order to provide you people with updates is actually kind of helpful. It makes me more consciously aware of what I’ve been working on and what hasn’t been updated in a while. On occasion it’s even led to the release of mods that might not have otherwise seen the light of day. So there will be more of these mod roundups yet.


Korriban: Back in Black for K1 - New installer, including a version compatible with KOTOR Community Patch v1.8 and beyond. Some new fixes have been added, too: Tariga is now female, as according to the student Tamlen; Tariga and a couple other students will now attack with lightsabers; and the two Sith rebels in the caves that were missing robes before have robes now.

Vision Enhancement for K1 - New installer, including a K1R-compatible version. Some minor cleaning up, too.

Feat Fixes for K2 - Added some fixes for the Scoundrel class.

Zhug Attack Fix for TSLRCM - Minor administrative update.

Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Minor administrative update.

Jedi Tailor for K1 - Fixed a few bugs in the tailor's dialogue.

New Mods

Teal Hammerhead for K1 - Gives the Republic ships in the first game the color scheme they have in the second game.

Something Completely Different

Usually I’d link to something else here, such as the aforementioned KOTOR Community Patch update or maybe the subreddit poll, but this is a special occasion. I’ve decided to start releasing these over on Reddit, too. If you’re reading it here, you may continue to do so and nothing will change and that’s not very special. But I’ll be using up this section for other stuff on the Reddit version and I have nothing else to talk about.

So that’s it!

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