Blog #95 - What do you LIKE or LOVE about M4-78 EP?

Sith Holocron


In your own words, can you tell me what you like and/or love about the M4-78 Enhancement Project.  At the very least, it would be amusing to read some short entries about what you thought was worthy about the mod.  If I were to work on the documentary again, it also might prove to be a helpful repository of quotes I could work.

If you dislike the M4-78 Enhancement Project, I have a whole other blog dedicated for that topic.  I’m just trying to keep these areas separate. It’s just easier to make a pros and cons list if I have the two columns separated. Yes, you can hate and like things but use the separate blogs.

Note: This is only regarding the version 1.5 of the M4-78 Enhancement Project.  I am completely uninterested in previous versions as some complaints may have been fixed by later versions.

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Gotta say the story is good, and the journal entries have improved compared to the previous versions, where it was really easy to get stuck without any clues. The separation of Industrial Zone into smaller chunks has eliminated the long standing lag problem in the reactor corridor, which is also a big plus.

Instant warping into the relevant parts of the planet during the initial radiation flood stage also eliminated the tedious back-and-forth that was present previously, which I appreciate, given the sheer size of the long corridors with little to do in them.

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