Blog #51 - Who wants to make HD versions of the trailers?

Sith Holocron


On the X-Box, the following trailers apparently played before the KOTOR games officially started. I've only ever played the game on PC so I've missed out on this factoid until recently.

Here's the one for Knights of the Old Republic.


And here's the one of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.






I was wondering if anyone has the KOTOR movie making chops to remake the video using highest resolution - while keeping the original audio of the clips?

With all of the talent that's out there, I imagine a few of you are up to this sort of challenge - especially if they can put in their own favorite versions of the main character to replace the nameless Exiles and Revans in the videos.

One more note:

In addition, folks might want to change the following portion in the KOTOR2 trailer




to something like "RELEASED WINTER 2004"

Is anyone game?


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Thanks for the comments, guys, I might see how it looks with colour grading.


Also the idea of making a completely modern trailer does sound appealing, we'll see if I get time in the future!

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Very well done. Good thing they mostly used cutscenes for the trailer or that would've been a nightmare to create xD

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Rendering the latest version now, shall post back when I have both that and the colour graded version online!

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I think I prefer the color graded version better.  What do the rest of you think?


My only suggestion is to tint the text portions blue - where it says "AN AGE OF WAR", "BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT", and "CHOOSE YOUR PATH."

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