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  • Submitted: Sep 13 2013 07:03 AM
  • Last Updated: Sep 29 2015 06:16 AM
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  • Approved on: 22 September 2015 - 06:32 PM
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  • 22 Sep 2015 Download Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords 3.0

Download Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords 3.0

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NOTE: If you have purchased Aspyre's re-release of TSL, do not install this mod. Your game already has native WS support.




Title: Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords




Special Thanks to the following individuals:


Alien - For the original version of the 16x9 mod, without which none of this would have happened.
tk102 - Since GFFEditor broke stuff and KGFF saved the day, teekay deserves some recognition for his awesome (TSL-friendly) tool.




Original mod info (including link to download and screenshots) can be found here:




As you can see, Alien's work is remarkable. Unfortunately, v.1 has some issues with the Actions UI in the lower left (mines and force form are borked, and the action description hovers over the menus rather than displaying above, making the arrows a pain to use).


After some digging around, I was able to fix these issues and am releasing the fix with Alien's permission.


*New Installation Instructions*
1) Extract content to a directory other than Override (i.e. your desktop)
2) Select EITHER one of the two 1920x1080 versions for 16x9 OR 1680x1050 for 16x10
3) Copy the contents of the selected folder to Override.


To uninstall, remove the 3 files.

What's New in Version 3.0 (See full changelog)

  • -New in 3.0
  • * For 1920x1080: The UI has been been completely re-written. Alien's original version with all fixes up to 2.02 is included in this download. Players with 16x9 should install either 3.0 or 2.02, but not both.
  • * For 1680x1050: Gameplay buttons have been consolidated (I really liked how this turned out in the new 16x9 version and applied the changes here as well). A bugfix has also been applied that resizes and relocates the level-up and debilitated decals for Char1 party member avatar.
  • -Fixes in v2.02
  • * Fixed issue where Item Lost indicator was placed in the same location as the Alignment Shift indicator. This fix is only recommended if you are using the 16x10 version of the mod.
  • -Fixes in v2.01
  • * Fixed issue where down arrow for the personal shield action button was placed in the same location as the up arrow. This fix is only recommended if you are using the 16x10 version of the mod.
  • -Fixes in v2.0
  • * Support for 16x10 resolution (optimized for 1680x1050)
  • * "bark bubble" will now appear when mini-map is disabled (both 16x9 and 16X10).
  • -Fixes in v1.54
  • * Resized NPC name and health bars to correct 16x9 dimensions.
  • * Resized all minimap elements to correct 16x9 dimensions.
  • * Applied all 1.1 and 1.4 fixes to "clean" download of Alien's original .gui file in order to resolve character portrait issue introduced in v.1.4 (caused by me monkeying around, trying to make it pretty for 16x10)
  • -Fixes in v1.4
  • * Bug that inaccurately displayed enemy health has been fixed.
  • * Buff decal for 3rd party member's avatar was set to the incorrect height and would not display
  • * Nav arrows for passive Jedi powers were not set to the same height as all other Action Buttons.

Finally, this was the only thing that these 'supposed' UI fixes on WSGF failed to correct.


My thanks to you, good sir.

This will probably be my last update for this mod. I've moved on to building a 16x10 friendly version.


If anyone finds any glaring bugs, let me know and I'll have a look. 

2.0 is up. I didn't get as much time to play this weekend as I'd hoped but I finally managed to test everything in the 16x10 folder and confirmed that it's bug free for 1680x1050. I had also hoped to finish up the documentation, but alas, that's going to have to wait.


v3 (if it happens) will be a mostly re-written version of 16x9 that fixes a lot of the math in Alien's release. If v3 doesn't happen, an update will be published at some point that will include modder's resource information so that no one ever has to learn this stuff from scratch ever again.

2.01 is up with a fix for the 16x10 version. If you are using the 16x9, you do not need to re-download.

Appreciate the steady updates!

v3 is out. I'm still working on the documentation but didn't see the point in sitting on this for another week just so that I could finish the modder resources. All work/testing was done in 1920x1080 so there shouldn't be any surprises, but please let me know if I missed anything.


Please note that the content of the folder marked "Alien" is Alien's original with all bugfixes up to v2.02. The download now contains 3 versions of the UI: 16x10, 16x9 v2.02, and 16x9 v3. Please be sure to only install one of these.

I'm going to try it, because I'm adventurous, but is there a way to convert this to KOTOR as well (or rather is the GUI of KOTOR 2 a copy of the GUI files from KOTOR 1?....

[spoiler]Is this backwards-compatible?[/spoiler] 

If not, do you know any good mods for the KOTOR 1 Widescreen UI? (the ones I tried did not work)

.... I am good the coding... :|

I had no issues whatsoever with the Stevedroid/Malakaius K1 UI mod




And no, it isn't backwards compatible. All of the UI elements are different sizes, in different places, and probably have different names. 

Is anyone else not able to adjust their in-game resolution beyond 1024x768?

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