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  • Submitted: Apr 09 2012 09:32 PM
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Download Holocron Icon Replacement

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This is a really small and slightly pedantic fix, which changes the icons for the two holocrons you find in KotOR,
so that one (on Tatooine) looks like a Jedi Holocron, and the other, found on Korriban, looks like a Sith Holocron.

Previously, th two had a generic icon which looked nothing at all like a holocron, and as I was working on a mod
which needed a holocron for it, I decided to alter the two items while I was at it. At some point, I may make a similar
mod for KotOR II.

Please note that this mod doesn't use the TSLPatcher, so any mod which alters either holocron will be incompatible.
To fix this, open the .uti file for the holocron using KotOR Tool, change the "model variation" to the number of
the holocron model (i.e., 087 for the Jedi holocron, 088 for the Sith one), and save.

Also, the mod uses plot useable item icon slots 87 and 88 for the Jedi and Sith holocrons respectively, so any mod
which uses these icon slots for a different purpose will be incompatible. To fix this, simply rename the icons to a high enough number that they don't conflict with the other mod any more
(e.g., to ip_pltuseitm_090), and then open the .uti file using KotOR Tool, change the "model variation" to that number,
and save.

it a nice change InSidious, it defently going into my next kotor play through :)
god i love pedantic people

There's a problem with this, which is that you actually made one of the items even more wrong. The "Holocron" you find on Tatooine is no holocron at all, (despite being named and referred to as such in dthanks to Bioware boobery); it's Bastila's father's diary/family photo album. It doesn't need an icon change, it needs a name change. The hardest thing to fix would be the VOs, might have to settle for ignoring or muting the word "holocron".

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