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Download TSL Patcher, TLKEd, and Accessories

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TSLPatcher Patcher TLKEd ChangeEdit Stoffe

Inside this download, you will find several VERY useful tools. Almost all of these were made by stoffe originally and the only alteration I made was to make sure TSL Patcher did NOT check for the presence of the dialog.tlk file to verify the path you're installing the mod to. This was done to allow installing mods to the Workshop folders.

Of note in this package are three files:
1. ReadMe, really.pdf - A read-me file that really should be read if you want to understand how to do something with the TSL Patcher.
2. nwnnsscomp.exe - A modified script compiler that TSL Patcher uses to substitute tokens (such as .2da row pieces) in source scripts (.nss files) and then compile the scripts.
3. nwscript.nss - As far as I'm aware, the nwscript.nss file from KotOR 2, required by nwnnsscomp.exe to compile scripts.

Below are the original release thread descriptions for stoffe's work and I honestly don't think I could put it better than she already did years ago. :D



TSL Patcher (along with ChangeEdit):

A few quick "how to" examples:
Insert new branches into DLG files.
( http://web.archive.org/web/20150911133933/http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2135535&postcount=177 )


Install a New Player Appearance mod.
( http://web.archive.org/web/20150929073207/http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2168405&postcount=201 )


  • Q: I get a RichEdit line insertion error when trying to install mods. What's wrong?

    A: It seems a few people have odd versions of the RichEdit DLL files installed in their system that doesn't play nice with the colored text box component TSLPatcher uses. To work around this you could try to replace the RichEd DLL files with versions that should work. Extract the two DLL files from this archive and put them in your Windows\Windows32 folder. Move existing files with those names to a safe location first so you can restore them if this causes other problems! Do not overwrite them!

    Alternatively, if you don't want to mess with your DLL files, you could force TSLPatcher to use a plain text box for status messages rather than the colored/formatted one. To do this, use Notepad to open the changes.ini file found inside the tslpatchdata folder that came with the mod you wish to install. Under the [Settings] section, change the value of the key PlaintextLog from 0 to 1.
  • Q: I'm not seeing any Install Mod button, and the text field in the TSLPatcher window seems to extend behind the window boundraries.

    A: This odd problem some people experience seems to be tied to what screen resolution and pixel density is being used in your monitor settings, but I have been unable to replicate it or figure out exactly what's going on. As a workaround you can "click" on the Install button by using it's quick keyboard command. Pressing the [ALT] [s] keys on your keyboard should start the installation process.
  • Q: When trying to install a mod it complains that it's not a valid installation location. What's wrong?

    A: Make sure you are selecting the folder the game is installed in, not the override folder, when the TSLPatcher asks you where to install the mod.
  • Q: When trying to install a mod it complains that access was denied to the dialog.tlk file.

    A: Make sure that your dialog.tlk file is not write protected. This file is found in the same folder as the swkotor.exe binary. To check if it's write protected and undo it, right-click on the file, pick Properties in the context menu and uncheck the write protected checkbox.
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