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This may take a while to release while I fix all the bugs, but I've made decent progress in just a single day, so that's great.

Ever wanted to take the underdog and worst duelist in all of Taris on an adventure? Well, soon, (with any luck) you can!


Take Duncan with you as you explore the galaxy, unique dialogue, pazaak, and the ability to make stuff!

He replaces T3-M4, Janice has new dialogue:



There is plans to add (voiceless) banter between Duncan and characters like Mission, Carth, & HK-47!

His voiced dialogue is staying in, as I believe it'd be a bit silly to get rid of any of his voiced dialogue

Even further down the line I'd like to add an entire questline, and maybe SOMEDAY get a decent voice-actor, but all of that is likely in the distant future.

This is just a place to show off my progress, not to provide a download just yet, sorry ya'll.

Disclaimer: I'm sure this might mess with any T3-M4 mods, Taris Dueling Ring mods, or the KOTOR 1 restoration, due to Deadeye appearing on Manaan in it, so keep that in mind.

Also, yes, he has the worst stats of any party member by far, but he's far better then his dueling ring self.

Known bugs that I currently know of (and would like help with if at all possible):


^This hilarious one, for one.

As well as this:


Anyway, hope you like what you see!

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