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  1. Oh there's nothing WRONG persay, I haven't even tested this "banter", nothing wrong with the scripts or the DLC, I even know how to edit the k_bant_trig script. My entire thing is adding new banter, the problem is I'm using T4-M4, who has no banter already in the game, and you said if I had replaced another party member with him, just to replace their boolean and k_bant_script section with his. Problem is, what I'm trying to do, is make a NEW boolean and a new k_bant_trig section that replaces nothing. Just adding, not replacing. I am just worried what happens if I copy and paste another character's k_bant_trig part and try to edit it from there, that there will be issues.
  2. @DarthParametric Sorry to bug you, got any advice on this, since he isn't replacing a party member that actually has any banter dialog?
  3. lmao! I mean I do love T3, but he simply doesn't bring much to the table in terms of KOTOR 1, still love him though.
  4. Actually no, he's replacing a party member that doesn't HAVE any banter, which is the problem, lol. He replaces T3-M4, as, imo, he's the most expendable party member. He doesn't have much dialogue, he has no banter, he's only relevant to the story for one quest, and tbh he's kind of a garbage party member outside of being cute. I want him to fit into the game so flawlessly that besides the issue of being voiceless, he's just like any other party member, I don't want to have to remove too much or replace anything that revolves around another character. I am replacing some dialogue involving the leviathan so it allows you to send Duncan in as opposed to T3, removing any and all T3 beeps and boops sound-wise, and replacing all dialogue that refers to him in the story, and also certain dialogue that triggers involving HK and speaking to Iziz, etc. T3 is still in the game, and you can ask about them, but you can't recruit them. But yeah, I'm essentially trying to create brand new custom banter from scratch and trying to put into the game without any issues for a character slot that didn't have any banter in the first place.
  5. If I just copy and paste someone else's trigger and replace the NPC's involved in the k_bant_trig script, and add the global booleans, would that be enough? Or does each trigger in very specific areas. If they only trigger after certain events, I don't really see the problem, each one has a distance of 10.0, except for the first one, which is 8.0. Some of this is a bit confusing, I've been getting by so far by copying and pasting scripts and changing very small things. I'm working on my "Recruit Deadeye Duncan" mod, and am adding the convos, I have him talking to Carth, Mission, and HK-47 as banter. He is the one who starts all the voiceless conversations.
  6. Alright, thanks, my man! @DarthParametric Is making a global boolean difficult? This is all brand new to me, I'm not good with coding.
  7. I am making custom scripts and using this as a base, and I've been told "G_Banter" absolutely matters: //:: k_hbanter1 /* Checks conditions for banter 6 (Canderous and Bastila) */ //:: Created By: //:: Copyright (c) 2002 Bioware Corp. #include "k_inc_debug" int StartingConditional() { int iResult; iResult = GetGlobalBoolean("G_Banter6")==FALSE && IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_CANDEROUS)==TRUE && IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_BASTILA)==TRUE; return iResult; } Problem is I have no idea wtf G_Banter is and where to find it. Using KOTOR tool, I checked parts in RIF and BIF and can't find "g_banter". I need to make new custom g_banters for 12, 13, and 14. After that I have no problems editing the main k_hbanter12, and the k_banttrigger.
  8. This may take a while to release while I fix all the bugs, but I've made decent progress in just a single day, so that's great. Ever wanted to take the underdog and worst duelist in all of Taris on an adventure? Well, soon, (with any luck) you can! Take Duncan with you as you explore the galaxy, unique dialogue, pazaak, and the ability to make stuff! He replaces T3-M4, Janice has new dialogue: There is plans to add (voiceless) banter between Duncan and characters like Mission, Carth, & HK-47! His voiced dialogue is staying in, as I believe it'd be a bit silly to get rid of any of his voiced dialogue Even further down the line I'd like to add an entire questline, and maybe SOMEDAY get a decent voice-actor, but all of that is likely in the distant future. This is just a place to show off my progress, not to provide a download just yet, sorry ya'll. Disclaimer: I'm sure this might mess with any T3-M4 mods, Taris Dueling Ring mods, or the KOTOR 1 restoration, due to Deadeye appearing on Manaan in it, so keep that in mind. Also, yes, he has the worst stats of any party member by far, but he's far better then his dueling ring self. Known bugs that I currently know of (and would like help with if at all possible): ^This hilarious one, for one. As well as this: Anyway, hope you like what you see!
  9. Tutorial I read said "OnDeath" was part of party member stuff. It makes me happy how accurately this sounds to KOTOR dialogue:
  10. I actually did make him a party member, but he's still refusing to follow me? Is there a script that forces party members to follow you, and if so, which script is it? And maybe I could edit it? I've made sooooooooooo much progress in the past few hours, I went from not wanting to learn, to actually learning. Problem is, he's still not following me despite being a bonafide party member, with his own portrait and obtained through dialogue options too. I am planning on just deciding to make a full-on Deadeye Duncan party member mod, it replaces T3-M4 and I have wayyy more dialogue to add, but he's already kinda fleshed out, I can talk to him on the spot. The fool just won't follow me, lol. I got rid of a bunch of Janice's dialogue involving T3-M4, you can ask about the droids, and she'll tell you about them, but you don't get to buy T3 anymore, instead she suggests Duncan as an alternative to help you get into the base, with it being humorous. "I actually have a guy instead for that." "Do tell?" Even has actions that go along with his responses, like laughing, or being angry, or pleading. I have his background as him being a farmer from Camooine (a planet in the Dantooine system), glad I didn't make up some random planet that wasn't lore-accurate. Also he has an ex-wife that lives there, lol. I tried to make Deadeye Duncan (the main one) disappear from the game by using this script: byebyeduncan.nss But it's not working, lol. If I could even use just the main game's script or a brand new script to make him follow me and get rid of the original Duncan, I'd be happy. Edit: oh and the spawn armband is no longer required, removed it from my files completely as it was more of a hassle. Still getting occasional crashes every now and then, but meh. @TamerBill
  11. I took a crack at trying to make Deadeye Duncan a party member, but it turns out it's a lot harder then it seems. This is a request/help hybrid, not just one or the other. I don't think I'm able to make him a full-fledged party member, I don't care about voice-acting, or repeating phrases or whatnot. I just want him to actually follow me and be able to speak to him in any location in the game, I don't even care if he just repeats his dialogue the whole time. I used Darth333's Spawning Armband to first spawn him in my party, then added a dialogue option that allowed him to play pazaak, problem is, once my party leaves the cantina he stops following me and won't speak to me anymore. He'll join me in combat, he gets revived if he dies, his stats seem about what you'd expect from Duncan. I am absolutely no good at hex editing, I discovered kotor tool yesterday. If I could figure out how to make triggers I feel this would be easier. If I am unable to make him a party member, I'd ask, if at all possible, if someone else could make him a party member? This seemed a lot easier at first and I figured 1 .dlg file what follow him through-out the game, but it seems I need to script him so he'll have this responses anywhere in the game. If I need to actually make a super long script in tons of areas through-out the game, then I'd give up already, because the only way I made the first dialogue option was through kotor tool, and the only way I recruited him was with this mod: If it's easier then I'm making it out to be, please help, if there's some magic script I can put into my override folder that will allow all his conversations to work anywhere in the game AND have him follow me through-out the game, that would be great. Please and thanks. PS... Mods this was a lot of writing, so if this is in the wrong place, please move the topic instead of deleting it, thanks.