MOD:Black Vulkar Base Engine Lab Bench For Swoop Accelerator

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Black Vulkar Base Engine Lab Bench For Swoop Accelerator

This mod makes a minor alteration to the Engine Lab room of the lower Black Vulkar base level to remove the Swoop Accelerator from the ground and put it on a bench. Said bench is moved from the other side of the room, where normally it impedes clear access to Kandon and his crew if the situation ends in combat. This has the side benefit of (hopefully) reducing pathing issues if the whole party tries to charge into melee combat.

Additionally, several minor aesthetic fixes to the room are included. The cutting tools that normally have a static plasma (?) beam have been given some animation, and a number of pipes that had missing backfaces causing geometry culling issues have had those added. These fixes are also incorporated into the K1 Community Patch as of v1.9, so it is fully compatible with that as long as you install this mod afterwards.

Installation Instructions

The mod requires a GIT edit to reposition the accelerator (i.e. uses TSLPatcher), so simply run the installer.

Known Issues

There may some pathing issues if you try to loot the accelerator from certain angles. I've positioned it close to the front edge of the bench to minimise this from the most likely (direct) approach, but coming from the sides of the bench, especially towards the back wall end, may not work as desired.


  • Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax.


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I suspect they did it for pretty much the reason I alluded to in the description. There can be issues trying to interact with objects surrounded by non-walkable terrain. Maybe it was worse on the Xbox/with a controller.

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