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MOD:Redhawke's Darth Revan Cutscene Style Robes

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Redhawke's Darth Revan Cutscene Style Robes

Author : RedHawke 11/28/05 Version 1.1

New in version 1.1: Added in the Masked Revan Robes as well, allowing you to make either version... Re-made the mod with TSL Patcher for complete compatability. Due largely to multiple requests for the masked versions of these robes.

This mod adds in the ability to make eight robes in the game, using the hooded Maskless Revan Cutscene Model and now the Masked Revan Model, unfortunately the model is just as unfinished in TSL as it is in KOTOR I, but I have gotten a lot of requests for them so here you go. They are buildable at the Workbench, depending on your level (At Least 20), your Repair skill (At Least a 29 and up for the others), and alignment on which ones will be available to your pc to build.

Installation Instructions:
First, if you have not already done so, create a folder called "Override", without the quotes, in your KOTOR2 directory.

Extract the contents of the zip to a temporary folder, run the Patcher EXE follow the instructions, and you should be good to go.

NOTE: You will need to completely uninstall the previous version of this mod before installing this version... sorry. But this should have no effect upon your savegames, as the original uti files and skins are un-altered.

Using the TSL Patcher this mod now will modify appearance.2da, itemcreate.2da, and itemcreatemira.2da.

Un-installation Instructions:
Simply delete these files from your override directory, and restore any necissary files from the backup directory the patcher makes in the temp folder you run the patcher from.

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.  

To stoffe -mkb- without whom the TSL Patcher would be just a dream! ;)

Also a very appreciative thanks to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

Bug Notes:
Bug reports, if any, can be directed to the Holowan Labs, to the appropriate thread for this mod. Most likey a thread titled... "Make Revan Robes At The Workbench Mod is now up at PCGameMods and my site"

Version 1.1 Bug Notes: If you run the patcher without uninstalling the previous version of this mod (specifically the itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da files) there will be a glitch at the Workbench that will allow construction of 2 robes at a time, of course if this doesn't bother you then this is a non-issue.

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