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MOD:Nicer Lower City Puzzle Rewards

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Nicer Lower City Puzzle Rewards

There are two puzzles in the two apartment complexes located in the lower city of Taris. Each complex contains a puzzle the player can figure out to gain some basic rewards. Too basic if you ask me. This mod changes these rewards to be more substantial and worth the hassle, especially on repeat playthroughs where the solution has been memorized.

The trivia puzzle contains a breathing mask only available at the end of the game, and then only in one of two ending paths. The mask is not even that great when compared to equipment available in the midgame. The Twisted Rancor Trio puzzle now contains the rare Yusanis Dueling Shield, perfect for use in the arena. Both also contain the armors that are originally granted for completing the puzzles along with stacks of credits. The credits are of special note if using the "Tougher Merchants" mod by koaandl.

As an added bonus I also removed the 'quest item' tag from "The Twisted Rancor Trio" datapad. Normally the game removes all quest items obtained on Taris after leaving the planet with the exception of this datapad. An oversight by the original developers no doubt. Without the tag you can take it, read it and then be rid of it.

This mod had to be implemented through modification of the module files directly because of file name sharing. This mod also comes as is and not in TSL Patcher form for the benefit of Android users. It would likely be incompatible with K1R so there really is no point for a patcher version.

Installation: Drop both module files into the "modules" folder and overwrite (I recommend making backups) the originals inside if prompted to. For Android users you must create a folder named "modules" in the same directory as your mod override folder on your device if you don't already have said folder.

Credits: Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra, TSL Patcher by Stoffe

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