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This mod brings detail to the next level! Add a more 3-D feel with aging and realistic skin!   So like all my mods, I add some age to the character - wrinkles around the eyes, nose, forehead, laugh lines. I increased the sharpness in game and this make a huge difference. The hair looks a lot better than VANILLA...  she differently looks older!  (But not as old as that witch!)  The reason for this is she was a Jedi so probably 20 years old if not older then roughly 10 years traveling around space puts this one at 30 or older.  (I think older.)  Oh yeah, let me say that this re texture and the modifications I made are a big step up from my two re-textures! If you're going to download a skin, please down this!  I worked my butt off and I learned a lot of new things along the way. This is truly a PASSION project.


I also added a dark side transition but they are not as detailed as the base face if this gets downloaded enough, I'll add the aging to the dark side. Thank you for all the support and the downloads. I really hope you enjoy this skin. I'm personally doing a brand new play through. 


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Greetings, Mod's Author! and congrats with the release. :cheers:

I'll have a TSL playthrough in near time and planned on playing as a female main character, and apparently this mod released at the right time. I'd definitely take this into account with the forthcoming mod's build.

I have looked at the raw texture/TGAs and indeed admittedly careful attention has been put into them - appreciate it. Though I may reduce the size to preferably x1024 for my playthrough because 4K is just too much for my end. Nevertheless, appreciate that you provided the source at its maximum state, and even when it gets downscaled, the quality is still there.

Though, there are few points that I want you to consider in future attempts/updates:

  • The game optimally works with texture resolution that is "powers of 4"; such as x256, x512, x768, x1024, x1536, x2048, and x4096. I saw one of yours scaled at x3080 [if I recall it right?] and others at x3096 which I suggest round them at x4096 instead, if you want to go the HD/4K route
  • You may want to archived/zipped them to one compressed package to reduce the size significantly. I think it's good either for you as the author/uploaders and for end-users/downloaders
  • Also you may consider to move it to the sub section, preferably under SKINS - so people here can leave comments and reviews to your work

Many thanks for considering this - and looking forwards to seeing your other work. :cheers:

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