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Greetings, fellow Jedi! Have a nice weekend y'all. :cheers:

I am here to request for a mod that spawn a Pazaak Deck particularly the plc_pazaak2 placeables, specifically at this marked location:


The relevant module is Javyar's Cantina [tar_m03ae] and as listed above, the particular Pazaak Deck variant/model is plc_pazaak2.

I have tried myself with trying to spawn the PLC either with using the script [via its on-enter which I assume is k_ptar_a03ae_en? Which is doomed to failed by my own attempt...] or attaching the PLC model to the room model but is having KOTORmax failing to load the placeables' ASCII.

The background of this request is because I can't stand to watch Uriah [the NPC] fiddle around with exactly nothing...

I hope the information provided above is enough for an attempt, and many thanks for considering this request. :cheers:


An additional information:

  • The co-ordinates of the PC is:


    Which triggered from this POV:



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This seems like it wouldn't be too difficult, I might do this as it would add to the overall feel of the game and not alter the Vanilla experience :) I will note it down and give it a go when I get a chance.


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I have added a pazaak deck in front of a random twilek I picked from the .git file and tested it, I believe these are the dancers and the manager. ( I am pretty sure it wasn't there before but cannot tell for sure as I haven't played the original game in a while, I did load the original module and it was not there but the dancer / manager was not there either due to being set differently in the story for some reason even though I warped from the same place / save )


This is not the location you requested, I couldn't figure out which twilek it was, I will try again at some point.


If you or anybody has ideas for areas in either game that could be made to feel more alive by making changes like this please let me know as I will begin to integrate them into the Expanded Galaxy Project's overall revival of both games.


This is where I have placed it for now, I will change it to "plc_pazaak2" and correct the co-ordinates at some point, once I have finalised which version of the game I will be updating ( currently using both official patches ) but I need to know if I will include any community patches or fixes, such as many of the geometry fixes to some maps, all of which should be compatible anyway.

I will also document any ideas for areas that could be revised and enhanced to allow for better immersion into both games.


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Yes! Finally, with the help of this amazing tutorial by @DarthParametric I can pull of the Pazaak Deck at the exact spot where I want it to be!


Was so glad to figure out later that placeables is implemented in a similar fashion to creatures in-game; which without a second thought directing me to the said tutorial by DP.

Perhaps the most difficult part is to guess/arrange the levitation of the object; as even using a Z template from the same PLC which spawned at different location but is at the top of the same object; still, some tinkering needs to be done to have it appropriately placed.

Credits also to Fred Tetra for "KotOR Tool", TK102 for "K-GFF" and Stoffe/Fair Strides for "ERFEdit" which without them this attempt would not be possible. :respect:

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