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Dxun Holocron


This mod adds a new holocron to the game, which can be found on a corpse on Dxun.
In addition to giving the player bonuses to their maximum Force Points, which unlock at
levels 12, 14, and 16, the mod also gives the player the opportunity to learn three
new Lightsaber forms: Sokan (Form VIII), Shi'en (Form IX), and Niman/Jar'Kai (Form X),
which can be activated as non-medical abilities. (The vanilla lightsaber forms are
hard-coded in the game). This derives from an unreleased mod of mine made in 2005, in
which I made these three Lightsaber Forms work as passive Force Powers. These Lightsaber
Forms become available at levels 13, 15, and 17.

Their stats are as follows:
Attack +3
Damage Bonus +1
Reflex Saves +3
Defence Bonus 2
Defence Bonus vs. Piercing -2 (net bonus: 0)

Attack +3
Damage Bonus +3
Defence Bonus -2
Blaster Deflect -2
Reflex Saves -2

Attack +2
Offhand attack bonus +3
Defence Bonus 1
Fortitude Saves -1

Double click 'Install Dxun Holocron', and hit the 'Install mod' button.



Remove the following files from your Override folder:

Copy the files 'spells.2da' and 'globalcat.2da' from the backup folder created
by TSLPatcher on installation into your Override folder. If no such folder was created
on install by the game, you can (probably) safely delete these two files as well.


Known Bugs

The new Lightsaber Forms won't appear in the same place as the vanilla forms do
on the GUI, but in the non-medical items slot (with the shields, basically).
There's not a lot I can do about this; the Lightsaber forms appear to be hard-coded.


Thanks are to deathdisco, whose original KotOR I lightsaber forms mod inspired this one;
to Darth333, stoffe, jmac7142/Det. Bart Lasiter, glovemaster, and everyone else who taught me and continues to teach me to script;
to Darkkender, for his "Recruit Darkkender" mod, which I used to work out how to make the lightsaber forms work;
to Holowan Labs, which was by far the best place to work on KotOR mods on the internet;
and to Obsidian, Bioware, and LucasArts, for making both KotOR games.

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I ran into this error in the tslpatcher, "Error: No instruction section found for file di_jhc.utp, skipping..." 

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Also, after installing and playing this, it would not let me access the holocron for the third time, and learn the last power. I believe I was past level 17, and decided to only learn one of the two remaining force forms on my second attempt at opening it. 

I probably should have just learned them both, but I wanted to learn the third lightsaber form later, once I understood what the other 2 did. 

However, I thought you might want to know that there is a glitch, I'm guessing scripting error. Something along the lines of, if you are level 17 or greater and acess this, it will be closed permanently after you end the conversation, assuming that the player had accessed it at each possible level (13, then 15, then 17). 


*Edit* Enjoyed the two lightsaber forms that did work!


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