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  1. 1. For those who may not have much to say, but would still like to thank SH.

    • Thank you SH for all of your endeavors as admin!
    • Thanks SithHolocron!
    • You and I didn't interact much, but I am still grateful for your management!

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On behalf of members of Deadlystream community,
We acknolwedge and honor the effort and dedication of a respected member of our community, Sith Holocron.

As many of you know, Sith Holocron has been an admin on deadlystream for as long as many of us can remember. He recently announced his reitrement as of July 1st, 2018.
Years and years of patiently handling and resolving conflict between modders, community members, moderators, and other admins, Sith Holocron went above and beyond the requirements of his position and actively sought out to create a friendly, constructive forum site. Often pointing forum members, through PM or forum posts, towards other members that would have the knowledge they sought.                            When I was new the forums, it was SH who pointed me towards certain members to ask about modding topics.  

Sith Holocron's outstanding management to maintain and uphold the Rules of Deadlystream, even when he may have personally disagreed with the rules, and, in some cases, when enforcing the rules was unpopular, stands as testament to his incredible dedication. Despite knowing that by his actions of enforcing unpopular rules and policies, he would put himself, personally, in the crossfire; he continually did so for the benefit of the community. 

Sith Holocron invested into the community in ways, many of us cannot presume to comprehend, as an administrator, and, to this day, as a member of the community. 
From critique and to praise, from engaging and encouraging modders to collaborate and create to reminding members of the DS policies, Sith Holocron influenced the establishment
of countless mods. 

Here are a few of those mods:

Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod
Lightsaber and Force Forms
Want Kaah Gone
Realistic Skybox fo Deathdisco's Coruscant
Handmaiden and Female Exile -
Kreia's Fall in HD with original Sound and music
Star Map Revamp
M4-78 Alternate SkyBox Pack 1.0
K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack 
TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack
Ebon Hawk Model Fixes
Recruitment of Master Atris
M4-78 MOvies Remade
Taibhrigh's Female Player Head
Taibhrigh's PFHA04
Extended Enclave
Dustil Restoration
Telos Citadel Station Skybox
G0-T0 Overhaul
Dak's Armored Robes 
Trainable Disciple (Upcoming mod)
Juhani Catlike Head Mod

WE, as a community, are indebted to you SH for all the engagement, management, and innumberable hours you've put into Deadlystream.

For over eight years of service towards our community,
Thank you Sith Holocron!

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Thanks. <bashful>

I just quit the Staff. I ain't leaving the site, folks.

Easier to have less responsibilities so I can concentrate on assisting other mods - mainly by recruiting.  It is more rewarding (for me) and I think I might appear less like a blowhard that way. ;)

You're not rid of me yet...

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1 hour ago, Sith Holocron said:

You're not rid of me yet...

No mortals can get rid of you.

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