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File Name: Mandalorian Armor Fixes

File Submitter: darthbdaman

File Submitted: 09 Nov 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes



This is a mirror. The main file can be found on Nexusmods. Updates will be found, and feedback should be directed, there.




This mod modifies the Mandalorian Armors found in KotOR, and fixes a few of the issues present. Most of these items were cut from the game, and this mod makes no attempt to restore them, however any mod that does will benefit from these fixes. There are 3 files in this mod, and each fixes a seperate issue.


First, the icon for Mandalorian Armor (cut from the game), doesn't resemble the armor at all. It looks like a modified version of Cassus Fett's armor, but the armor doesn't look like Cassus Fett's. It is also a Class 9 style armor icon (i.e. 9 defense, 0 dex bonus), but the Mandalorian Armor is a Class 8 armor (i.e. 8 defense, 1 dex bonus). Class 8 armor icons lack the large shoulders of Class 9 icons.


The icon for Mandalorian Battle Armor (found in various parts of the game) is fine, and resembles the armor, however it is in the style of Class 8 armor, and features very limited shoulders. I have moved this icon to the Class 8 Mandalorian Armor, and made a new icon for the Class 9 Mandalorian Battle Armor. This new icon is a merged and color matched version of the old Mandalorian Battle Armor icon, and the yellow Mandalorian Heavy Armor icon.


Lastly, the Mandalorian Assault Armor (found on the unknown world) now uses its intended appearance (which it also uses in KotOR 2). Normally in the game it is a disguise item, which makes the player into a standard blue Mandalorian. This doesn't make any sense considering it is supposed to be reserved for elite troopers.



  • Mandalorian Assault Armor now uses its intended appearance, as seen in KotOR 2
  • Mandalorian Armor now uses the icon of Mandalorian Battle Armor, as it shared the design of the Class 8 armor icon
  • Mandalorian Battle Armor has a new icon, composited from the Mandalorian Heavy Armor icon, and the old Mandalorian Battle Armor icon

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Put the 3 files in the Override
  • This should be compatible with everything

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Thank you for reading, enjoy!



Click here to download this file

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