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Hey, all!

I recently reinstalled 3Ds Max and KotorMax. But I ran into a little snag. Whenever I hit export I get this error message.
I've looked through an old PM chain between me and Bead-V, cause I had the feeling I've encountered this before... Feel like a noob now 😅

I checked the KotorMax.ini file. UseMax is 1, so... Sanity looks weird though?




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The sanity value is fine, although interestingly mine has usemax=0 (although looking at the script, this is bypassed via a lookup of the Max version number).

Edit: The sanity values come from the Preferences settings:

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I ran into this issue with 3ds Max 2023:



I think it has to do with the PhysicalMaterial type that was introduced in 3ds Max 2017 and lacks a diffuse field. Maybe they changed MultiMaterial to use PhysicalMaterial by default.

Whatever the case, this error prevents any models with walkmeshes from importing. I was able to get them to import with the following correction to KOTORmax/kotormax_scripts/

       newMaterial = multimaterial name:matName numsubs:SurfaceMatName.count

       for i in 1 to SurfaceMatName.count do
         newMaterial.names[i] = SurfaceMatName[i]
         newMaterial[i] = standard name: SurfaceMatName[i] diffuse: kx_SurfaceMat[i]

This seems to work, although I must confess I know next to nothing about MAXScript and I'm not sure that StandardMaterial is the correct material type that it was before. Still, it seems to be at least a step in the right direction.

I've attached the edited script.

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For those having errors when loading placeable PWKs (possibly also door DWKs?), it appears the problem is line 417 in \Scripts\KOTORmax\kotormax_scripts\

kx_enableMapChannel newObj 0 true

which gives the error about wanting two arguments but getting three when processing the walkmesh. Changing it to:

kx_enableMapChannel newObj 0

fixes the issue. Pre-edited copy attached for those that don't want to edit it themselves.

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