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Modder's Resource: Harbinger Model

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File Name: Modder's Resource: Harbinger Model

File Submitter: tjsase

File Submitted: 12 Aug 2015

File Category: Modding Tools





This is a 3D model of the Harbinger that I extracted from KotOR II. Only half of it was present (as you only see half at Peragus) so I mirrored and stitched the model symmetrically.
This package also contains an alternate model of the Harbinger, in which I bent or removed some of the turrets to make it look like it has been war-torn.
Besides the models, I've included the original .tga texture as well as some alternate textures I made to make the ship look war-torn. This includes a color map, and incandescent map, a bump map, and a specularity map.
Any one is free to use this resource in their products. Enjoy!



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It's because the OBJs were exported with no MTL, material definition files. Open the OBJ in Notepad or other text editor. At the top of the file, add the line:


mtllib Harbinger.mtl
Create a new text file called Harbinger.mtl (make sure file extensions aren't hidden). For the original texture, put in the following:


newmtl Harbinger
illum 2
Kd 0.800000 0.800000 0.800000
map_Kd V_Hammrhd01ORIGINAL.tga
For the new textures, use this:


newmtl Harbinger
Ns 50.781250
illum 2
Ka 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
Kd 0.800000 0.800000 0.800000
Ks 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
map_Ka V_Hammrhd01Inc.png
map_Kd V_Hammrhd01Color.png
map_Ks V_Hammrhd01Spec.png
bump V_Hammrhd01Bump.png

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