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  1. Something magical happened, and I'm sure all of you know what exactly it is! It inspired me to make this "flashback tribute", and to be honest, I've been tearing up a bit during editing xD. Hope you'll enjoy this! (YouTube being very draconian, unfortunately, so I hope you don't mind the choice of hosting) Merry Christmas! https://mega.nz/file/oaZ23BpY#1MMkBOcMc4wwoF6Gk3nQs3o6eJhnI5w7G4W5AiBJ66c
  2. No, it must be "steamapps/workshop/content/208580/*numeric folder of TSLRCM*"
  3. But a powerful tool is *distrust* (Kreia disapproves) Right. In this case, manual installation of Coruscant is the most viable option. Try putting it into RCM folder so nothing in M4-78 EP is overwritten and let me know how it went.
  4. This is awesome. Would it be possible to port this fix to KotOR 2? P.s. Nvm, found it!
  5. Yes, I believe it did work. Though I can't guarantee it was flawless and I made it through to the endgame, been a long time. Good question. If RCM and M4-78 are pre-installed, then I'd say he means by "that mod" the Coruscant one. Patch it, then install it into TSLRCM directory and see how it goes. Have you tried Steam installation of Coruscant? Because I haven't. Maybe there will be no issues that way.
  6. Not sure about RCM+m4-78 as a ONE subscription/installation (my original post pre-dates this release), but Coruscant worked for me in Steam version with RCM and M4-78 installed, if that's what you asking. And my manual Coruscant installation went to RCM folder in steamapps. Hope that helps.
  7. If I recall correctly, during installation process of Coruscant mod you want to put the files in workshop folder containing RCM files, not in game folder, since former is prioritized it seems.
  8. A long and fruitless wait for KotOR 3, rise and fall of SWTOR, Disney's and Lucasfilm's deception, the great 7 year void by EA, shutdown of fan projects, 2020 crazyness and... here we are. In times like these to have a home for OG Star Wars and it's games is especially important, and I'm glad to see the cradle of KotOR is still up and running, community - beaten yet not broken. How's everyone? Was curious what my fellow old republic fans are currently into and what looking forward to. Though, to be honest, The Mandalorian aside, future for Star Wars in general doesn't look promising to me.
  9. It's great, thank you! The idea of fighting Hssiss in the sith tomb to gain power always seemed immersive to me and very appealing.
  10. Now the problem is fixed. I apologise for all inconveniences at the end of Malachor. New to modding, so, no surprise that something went wrong at certain point - "battle initiation" P.s. Attention! TSLRCM is required now for this thing to work! But, who would want to play KotOR to without TSLRCM anyway.
  11. It's fixed now. This time "TSLRCM" is required!
  12. Yes, I should have tested this first. Didn't see this bug coming. I'll try to solve it.