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  1. If I recall correctly, during installation process of Coruscant mod you want to put the files in workshop folder containing RCM files, not in game folder, since former is prioritized it seems.
  2. A long and fruitless wait for KotOR 3, rise and fall of SWTOR, Disney's and Lucasfilm's deception, the great 7 year void by EA, shutdown of fan projects, 2020 crazyness and... here we are. In times like these to have a home for OG Star Wars and it's games is especially important, and I'm glad to see the cradle of KotOR is still up and running, community - beaten yet not broken. How's everyone? Was curious what my fellow old republic fans are currently into and what looking forward to. Though, to be honest, The Mandalorian aside, future for Star Wars in general doesn't look promising to me.
  3. It's great, thank you! The idea of fighting Hssiss in the sith tomb to gain power always seemed immersive to me and very appealing.
  4. Now the problem is fixed. I apologise for all inconveniences at the end of Malachor. New to modding, so, no surprise that something went wrong at certain point - "battle initiation" P.s. Attention! TSLRCM is required now for this thing to work! But, who would want to play KotOR to without TSLRCM anyway.
  5. It's fixed now. This time "TSLRCM" is required!
  6. Yes, I should have tested this first. Didn't see this bug coming. I'll try to solve it.
  7. Hm, I should look into it, test the whole thing.
  8. My thoughts on Revan in TOR. What do you think?

  9. You didn't get the quote I see. But even so, I would love to see a KotOR 3 as a "homage" to KotOR I,II, so it fits anyway
  10. Smells like KotOR 3 trailer.. *sigh*
  11. One day we'll see continuation of KotOR I,II featuring Revan and the Exile as intended, with their destinies being great and meaningful. Logan, you're our hero! J.J. Abrams saved Star Wars, and so you shall save TOR era! Wish you a good health and every possible inspiration to complete this project!
  12. View File Dark Robes for Atris There were lots of discussions and disputes about whether Atris should or shouldn't play bigger role in TSL, care the mantle of Lord of Betrayal or not, and if her dark appearance was essential or completely out of place. In my point of view, the change of her look in the final confrontation would be very symbolic, accentuating her corruption and conscious act of betrayal. So I've threw together this simple mod for personal use, but decided to share it with those who would be interested in facing Atris as "Darth Traya". Enjoy To install: Copy "262tel.mod" from mod directory to Modules folder in the TSLRCM directory (for Steam version - in TSLRCM workshop folder) and confirm the replacement.. To uninstall: Replace modded file with "262tel.mod" from Backup folder found in mod's directory. Credits: - Credit for the base .mod file this mod was based upon goes to creators of TSLRCM. - Dark Atris' robes are present in the original TSL files, so in certain way It's a restoration, and credit for them goes to TSL developer team. Submitter Darth_Delator Submitted 10/30/2016 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible  
  13. To continue the legacy of KotORs would be fantastic. MMORPG SWTOR's - not so much, since it's canon was greatly messed up, despite having some great moments.