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  1. After years of modding I decided to clean up my TSL directory and shaved off 75GB of unused data :)




    Edge Of Darkness is receiving another makeover and I am compiling a Warp Code List and Module List. I am recording a full longplay of this version tonight, hopefully to upload this upcoming weekend.

    I continued Skyrim and FO4 research. If anyone is curious about modding Bathesda games, do not hesitate to contact me.


    1. 90SK


      I obviously ran into some issues with my longplay. It's coming, but when, I don't know yet. Edge has reached the prime build.

      As far as warp lists, I will write a txt walkthrough of Edge along with the video. These should be ongoing but hopefully done, let's say by end of September, now? And I am working on this all the time. :)