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    TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade Version 3b



    I managed to expand the Loot and Immersion Upgrade. The Onderon merchant now sells a large assortment of combat armors, with plenty of other stuff. I have created six new Jedi armors, added multiple sets of three to five default tsl armors, and created several options for squad types.

    The loot and Immersion Upgrade is a total conversion of items for TSL. No other item model replacement mods will necessarily work without consulting both mods in depth. I and N (jedi and master robe) replacements should work, but primarily, no J class (star forge robe) armors or Armored Flight Suit (K class) armors can be installed over the Loot and Immersion Upgrade. 

    I have retroactively patched the Jal Shey files with sith apprentice armor types for the skins. this should work on all saves. old Jal shey default skins are still available further down on the page as a separate patch.