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  1. [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod

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    Approval: And now it is complete.


    Statement: I'm also glad about the Saul Karath fix. I only just now got to the point in the game where you see him, and saw what it looks like before this update. Amusing.

  2. KotOR2 Alternate Credits

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    Sorry for the late posting, but you said you used music from TOR?...


    Isn't there a porting issue here, or did you make music similar to it?


    Note: In case it matters, I wouldn't say using a sound recorder with the music playing in TOR counts as making it yourself...

    Answer: I used the music from the CD that was publicly distributed by BioWare.

  3. Most likely, you edited swkotor2.ini to 1024x768. Normally, changing the resolution in the game's options will over write whatever setting are in the .ini, however if your ini is set to read only, then that may explain why changes aren't sticking.

    Mod works well, if your INI will keep the changes. Mine isn't read only and still won't keep the changes. The game keeps changing it back to 800x600. Talk about frustrating.


    But if you can get that to work (however it's done), I'd recommend this.

  4. Improved Jedi Sacks

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    Statement: They look odd because they're jump suits. Space underwear.


    Agreement: But they do need the upgrade. I do believe I'll download this. Good surprise indeed.