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  1. Making sense of decompiled scripts is just awful...if you are doing it wrong. Thanks DarthParametric.

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    2. Masamune753


      Well there you go! Killin' it as always @DarthParametric. Thank you! 

    3. DarthParametric


      If you don't have it, you'll probably need to use the Wayback Machine to grab it, since the original LucasForums host site is long dead. This should be the link, although WBM seems to be timing out for me currently:

      Just be aware that DeNCS requires Java.

    4. Masamune753


      I did already have it. I couldn't get it to work on a previous attempt. Then I forgot it existed and just used nwnnsscomp since then, not understanding the two did very different functions.

      I have it working now and have achieved a partially decompiled script that mostly makes sense. Thank you for the link though. 

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