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    I've been waiting for K2 version of your HD portraits for a while now. Definitely worth the weight wait.
  1. This is great, tho this looks like it'll fit KoTOR 2 aesthetics more since that game had different head style (the new head only ofc, since they reused a lot of KoTOR 1 heads). Just look at Dantooine characters, all of them had more "realistic" texture rather than the more "cartoony" styled heads. Anyway, good job on these. I hope you can do for KoTOR 2 Masters as well.
  2. Ha! Exactly what I've been looking for! It's not perfect but with the porting restriction and whatnot, it's more than sufficient. Thank you so much for your mod.
  3. In case you didn't know, you can gain Jolee's Robe in TSL through random drop or buying it. (Only with TSLRCM or so I heard). However, the Robe (like Malak armor) looks nothing like it and looks like every other robes. Is there any mod that only replace only that one specific robe to looks like (or at least bears resemblance to) KOTOR Jolee's Robe, preferably a mod that only replaces that robe. There is Force Fashion but I don't like how the other Robes looks (and I couldn't figure out to just replace that one Robe rather than all of them). Also, maybe it's good to know that also use 90SK & VarsityPuppet's Cloaked KotOR Tunics for TSL (cuz I like KOTOR I's robes design better). I would've done it myself, had I the knowledge to do it but since I don't.... I'm really sorry if this request a tad bit ridiculous