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  1. Lol a "certain movie" Disney released a couple a months ago had me thinking if KOTOR 3 is ever made we would see things like Revan and Carth dying (no funeral, sorry Carth), Canderous would be an overweight drunk who abandons his people, Bastila would be so useless and have a "haircut",  HK-47 would no longer want to kill and instead spends his time at DexterJettster's diner chilling with fans, and The Exile would find a way to make sure she can't the person is she now. 

    So yeah, I'll stick with TJM if Disney ever releases a KOTOR 3. LOL!


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    2. N-DReW25


      Ironically enough, in TJM Canderous does become a drunkard who abandoned his people and an antagonist in the mod is a purple dude named "Kannos"

    3. narshaddaarocks


      Lol! True, true, but at least Canderous snaps out of it at the end and gets the people back. Thor never recovers and is now a loser for all time. Imagine HK being a loser too that's obsessed with taking selfies with fans for some reason. That diner scene felt like it was lifted right out of Attack of the Clones. 

    4. narshaddaarocks


      I'd like to also say I'm everyone if I'm being overly negative, but I was fan of the Marvel films as much as I am the KOTOR games, so I found it very disappointing they seemed to taking a page out of the Revan book by applying similar things from that book in Endgame. Makes no sense at all, and that's why I said if KOTOR 3 was ever made, you would probably see some of the same things happen to the KOTOR characters. 

      So I'll shut up about it now. Lol