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  1. wertwert5555

    Visas Unmasked!

    That makes sense. I installed it after Visas joined my party in my first playthrough, so I could change her outfit and such, but before I started a new game I wanted to know if she was permanently unmasked or not.
  2. wertwert5555

    Visas Unmasked!

    So if I'm to understand this, when you install this mod, she remains permanently unmasked? No way to put on her headdress again?
  3. wertwert5555

    Carth's Republic Uniform and Flight Suit

    Definitely pretty awesome. Considering technically a scout and scoundrel are also Republic personnel, though, a version where all three start in uniform would be super perfect. I guess ultimately it's not as important because only one world later you're going to be wearing the Jedi robes nearly all the time, while Carth remains a Republic soldier. Still, having a Republic uniform for the PC no matter the class would just be rad.
  4. wertwert5555

    Carth's Republic Uniform and Flight Suit

    It would be cool to have a version that has your character start in uniform as well. Having your character wear normal clothing is pretty jarring during the escape.
  5. Playing 1.8.5, I was wondering what I'd have to do (or since I'm at the ending already, what globals do I have to change in KSE) to keep Malachor from exploding so I can talk to Visas before leaving. Some say it has to do with the HK-47 factory quest, some say it has to do with the Remote, I'm not sure.